Local media IGNORES the story of a HSV BOE candidate trying to shakedown one of AL’s fastest growing companies…

The local media’s failure to cover the August 23rd municipal elections is an absolute tragedy.

There are juicy tidbits in these races, that have been largely ignored…

  • Huntsville’s Mayor Tommy Battle barreling towards the Governor’s mansion
  • Paul Finley runs against his successor Troy Trulock for Mayor of Madison
  • Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison  attacking fellow black candidates
  • Huntsville City Councilman Will Culver didn’t pay his taxes
  • Huntsville City Councilman Will Culver screwed a cop over for his personal gain
  • The Huntsville BOE establishment vs. the new blood

They are just lazy.

What the media does love is list put together by other people, here is one that AL.com just published…

55 Alabama companies make Inc. 5000 list; see full national ranking

OK, let’s see them… These are the fastest growing business in America.

No. 876 — Appleton — Huntsville — $22.9 million –  453%

A local business, nationally recognized and growing by leaps and bounds, good story.

Where is the local political rub?

Candidate for Huntsville Board of Education Pam Hill tried to shake them down.

This seems like a juicy story to me. Wonder why they are ignoring it?

It’s not like the owner won’t talk…


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