I have asked Huntsville Superintendent Casey Wardynski for his thoughts on the Pam Hill matter, here it is…

My question: Why was there no ethics violation case pursued in 2012 when Pam Hill attempted an extortion of Appleton Talent (then Appleton Learning)?


Regarding your Question Regarding Pam Hill and Appleton


I received your question inquiring why I did not pursue what appeared to be the attempt by Ms. Hill to leverage her position as a teacher with HCS to obtain employment with Appleton.

Shortly after Ms. Hill contacted Appleton, Glenn Clayton contacted me. I felt the matter Mr. Clayton raised with you was very serious and I was prepared to take the matter to the district attorney. At that time, Mr. Clayton asked that I not involve him in pursuing the matter as it could harm his business. Without a witness and a complaint I had no basis to pursue the matter.

Casey Wardynski

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