Did HSV BOE candidate Pam Hill break the law?

There are few folks who think I am “reaching” on this Pam Hill/ethics/intimidation story


 Tina Phillips Clark Question was her threat verbal? I didn’t read anything threatening in the letter. I don’t live in Huntsville but find this interesting.

Dale Jackson You don’t see the business owner saying she threatened her and her cover letter echoing that?
Melinda Knightstep Gresham I read nothing that was a threat from Pam Hill.
Tina Phillips Clark I read the comments and the letter. The owner said that however her letter didn’t issue a threat. She indicted she had connection to blah, blah, blah. I didn’t read her letter as a threat to “create” problems.

Dale Jackson Melinda Knightstep Gresham You are being charitable.

Tina Phillips Clark I read the comments and letter again. It seems it is one persons word against a written letter. The letter appears to be a plea for a job with the offer to help ease the pain of the new system but not in a threatening manner. People do read things differently. I error on the side of caution not to presume the negative. I believe her opponent is part of the current establishment. If Huntsville wants change they should Support her. That is just my opinion.

Dale Jackson Tina Phillips Clark The letter gives credibility to the words. Right? There is no defense to this.

Tina Phillips Clark Well Dale we can agree to disagree. I did not read into her letter any threat. I still stand by what I said her opponent is part of the establishment and if Huntsville wants change then vote Pam Hillfor HSB District 5!

Dale Jackson Tina Phillips Clark You are voting for her and that is fine. But to think that it’s OK to do what she did because you don’t have audio evidence of it happening is insane.

Tina Phillips Clark I can’t vote for her I don’t live in Huntsville!! And no it is not insane her letter is not threatening that I see.

Dale Jackson Tina Phillips Clark Are you intentionally ignoring my question about how the e-mail written by Clayton in 2012 is backed by a cover letter given to him by Hill herself?

I asked this question of a former public corruption investigator…

This was the response.untitled

Am I wrong?

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