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The Dale Jackson ShowPrep for August 15th, 2016…

  • 7:00 AM – 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today
  • 7:30 AM – Candidate for Madison City Council Brad Johnson
  • 8:00 AM – Hate at 8!!
  • 9:00 AM – 7 Things You Should Be Talking About Today
  • 9:20 AM – Rep. Mike Ball
  • 9:55 AM – What In The World With WAAY-31’s Meredith Wood
  • 10:00 AM – Top Ten Tweets at 10

Support lottery or you want dead kids.

-The Governor

Anti-lottery people are immoral and want kids to die

Either institute a lottery or let sick children die.

During a visit to Children’s Hospital of Alabama, Gov. Robert Bentley explained his lottery proposal as the least “immoral” choice address the state’s Medicaid budget shortfall.

Bentley said he understands those who believe a lottery is immoral, noting that he voted against the 1999 lottery plan. But he said there is no other alternative to come up with Medicaid funding. He said a lottery would provide long-term funding “for at least several years.”

“When you look at this you say: ‘Which is the most immoral: Buying five lottery tickets with money you earned or allowing a child to die?’ I don’t think there’s even a choice there, so we must fund Medicaid, we must take care of our sick children, our disabled people, those in nursing homes, those with mental illness,” the governor said after touring the cardiac unit at Children’s. “Because you know what? They didn’t choose any of that. Nobody did, and that’s one of the big functions of government is to take care of those that can’t take care of themselves.”

Screw this guy.

Another secret recording of Governor Robert Bentley

  1. “Movement afoot”...The casino gambling theory – In addition to jealousy and working too much, Bentley blamed the divorce on supporters of casino gaming who were “feeding the story” in an effort to “discredit” the governor. “I’m not saying my divorce was totally caused by that but some of it was because they fed my wife (the information),” Bentley said. “This is not as simple as people think.”
  2. I’m anti-gambling.” – Bentley said the forces behind casino gambling were trying to discredit him to stamp out any lottery efforts or a compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. Ruining a life, he said was “no big deal” to them, but Bentley maintains he is “anti-gambling.” “Always have been,” he added. “They know I want to control it.” Earlier this month, Bentley introduced legislation for a statewide lottery.
  3. ‘I don’t think we need to get Luther involved.” – Farley repeatedly said he’d like to have Attorney General Luther Strange investigate allegations that Bentley misused state resources in the course of his personal relationship with Mason so that any questions could be answered and “people don’t have to talk about that anymore.” Bentley maintained the travel records were public record and “already out there.” “I don’t think you need to get (AG) Luther involved,” he said.

Yep, gamblers want to take down the Governor, so now he wants to give them stuff.

Here is how the media sees it…

They would prefer Farley keep the audio secret so they can get gambling.


Lotto terminals are whatever you want them to be…


Sen. McClendon keeps pushing his lottery

So let’s get into the meat of the lottery proposal I presented at a press conference on Tuesday along with some necessary myth busting.

First, I have no qualms with anyone over a moral objection to gambling. Vote “no” and take people to the polls with you to do the same. In the meantime, answer this: Are you going to provide free clinics for sick underprivileged children? Will you do in Alabama what you do on mission trips to other states and countries?

Incidentally, I have never purchased a lottery ticket. I did buy a raffle ticket at my church last Sunday. I am not supporting or opposing a lottery because of moral reasons. To me, this is simply creating an opportunity for the people Alabama, not the legislature, to have the final say.

Second, a lottery will not bring Class III gaming (table games) to our state. Speaking of the Poarch Creek Indians, I have already been forewarned they opposed lottery terminals. I would like to point out their children enjoy premium healthcare covered by the profits of their gaming machines. That is admirable, and they should support my effort to extend the same courtesy to more than half a million other Alabama children.

Now let’s talk about the Governor’s bill and my bill. During the regular session, I introduced a simple 31-word bill to begin the conversation in earnest. It obviously didn’t become law, but the conversations it started in the legislature resulted in the bill I will introduce at the beginning of the special session.

Polling. Blood. Bath.


Trump is not Reagan.

Worth remembering…

This fight can be fought, but not how Trump is fighting it.

Hillary’s FBI interview will be released?

Some of the FBI files on the agency’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server exclusively for government business while serving as secretary of state could be given to a House oversight committee as early as this week, a congressional source confirmed with Fox News on Sunday.

The matter has been progressing since early July, when a formal request was made by Congress for the file — the remaining block appears to rest within the Justice Department.

The FBI, after interviewing Clinton last month, concluded its investigation of Clinton’s use of a private server, confirming publicly that 113 classified emails were sent and received by Clinton, as well as 2,000 that were classified after the fact.

FBI Director James Comey said investigators found at least three emails that contained classified markings, adding that the Democratic presidential nominee was “extremely careless.” However, he did not recommend criminal charges, and the Justice Department closed the case.

While Clinton has insisted nothing was marked classified at the time, the investigation found otherwise, with the emails containing a portion marking (C for confidential, the lowest level of classification). Fox News first reported that some of the emails were marked classified in June.

Milwaukee burns…

For no reason….



The press wants Trump to lose. Period.

Not helping…

Roy Moore will not be Governor… Ever.

Moore is also the most recognizable candidate of the bunch. Fewer than 2 percent of respondents claim to have never heard of him, contrasted with 60 percent of those polled saying they had never heard of former GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim James.

Other candidates on the list with low name recognition included Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle (60 percent), U.S. Rep. Martha Roby (53 percent), Secretary of State John Merrill (52 percent) and Alabama Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh (48 percent).

“He is, by far, the most visible candidate with name recognition,” Brown said. “Some of these other folks … 60 percent of voters didn’t know who they were. They had low name recognition. But if 90 percent of the voters know about you and you’re getting 28 percent who choose you as their first choice, you’re not getting a third of those people who were really aware of your presence on the scene.”

So Rio is going well…

Conspiracy theory: Lochte knows he is Phelps’ little brother and this is his last chance to get some attention

Anthony. Freaking. Weiner.

Imagine if this was the spouse of Trump’s handler?

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