Huntsville Board Of Education candidate Pam Hill threatened to create “problems” unless a local small business owner hired her…

Before I start, let me say a few things.

  • People constantly try to anonymously feed me stories. Sometimes I bite, sometimes I pass.
  • Usually, if I pass, I have no way of verifying the info, the principles will not confirm accuracy or the intent of the  story is vague.
  • The story that follows involves a friend of mine (Glenn Clayton, the CEO of Appleton Talent, was in my wedding), who was not the source of the info, but who has verified the story and is willing to comment on the record on this matter.

Caveats aside, let’s go…

Pam Hill is a former school teacher who has run, what I would call, a strange campaign. She has attacked the school board, the Superintendent, the school resource officers, her opponents and pretty much everyone else who doesn’t agree with her. She has claimed she altruistically gave up her retirement in order to run for this position, then admitted to me (off-air) that she started her teaching career too late to receive her retirement. (That’s called deception.)

The latter is what has brought this issue to my attention…

In 2012, Pam Hill met with Appleton’s CEO Glenn Clayton under the guise of learning more about his proposal that was before the Huntsville School Board. This appears to have been a ruse, as is her implication that she quit her job to run for school board, she was looking for the door in 2012 and saw Appleton as a landing spot for her expertise.

None of that seems out of the ordinary, until you read Clayton’s e-mail FROM 2012 to the Superintendent and the cover-letter Hill provided for that meeting.

According to Clayton’s recollection…

Ms. Hill relayed to me upon arriving at my office that she was a representative of the AEA for Huntsville City and that she served on the AEA state board and NEA board.  She told me some of her members had concerns about our geniuStyle program that she wanted to share with me.  She relayed a few potential positives of the program and then reviewed a few concerns they had, as listed in the attached document.

I offered to donate the assessment and accompanying materials to her classroom and her as a teacher and AEA rep.  I said I would welcome her review of the material so that she could relay her findings to other teachers in the district.  She thanked me and said she would accept my offer.

She then told me that she wanted to “turn the tables on me” and said that she was interested in leaving the school district.  She proceeded to tell me that times were changing and it was time for her to change as well.  She then said the following (paraphrased, but with the most exact detail of my memory):  “You need me Glenn.  If you hire me, then you won’t have any push back from teachers in Huntsville.  If you don’t hire me, you’re setting yourself up for problems and you’re going to run into a lot of push back.”

UPDATE: Here is the whole e-mail, since Pam Hill is lying:

image1 (1)

If you hire me, teachers will be mollified. If you do not hire me, I will make your life harder.

This isn’t how I apply for jobs and it clearly didn’t work here but it does continue to paint a picture of an individual that probably should NOT be on a school board. It shows her as some one who is either willing to shelve her principles for money OR make life harder for people who refuse to give her any.

Again, is this what you want on your school board?

In order to further prove this story is legit, I have included Pam Hill’s cover letter that includes her assertion that hiring her will make Clayton’s life easier and not doing so will make it harder.

Obviously, Clayton did not hire Hill and she was unable to hurt his business, not that the HEA/AEA did not try.

Again, Appleton Talent did not hire her and you shouldn’t vote for her.




Efforts to get a comment from Pam Hill were unsuccessful. I e-mailed her, she responded to the e-mail but did not call me.


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