Gov. Robert Bentley = Hillary Clinton

What happened to this guy?

Unbelievably tasteless.

Bentley said he understands those who believe a lottery is immoral, noting that he voted against the 1999 lottery plan. But he said there is no other alternative to come up with Medicaid funding. He said a lottery would provide long-term funding “for at least several years.”

“When you look at this you say: ‘Which is the most immoral: Buying five lottery tickets with money you earned or allowing a child to die?’ I don’t think there’s even a choice there, so we must fund Medicaid, we must take care of our sick children, our disabled people, those in nursing homes, those with mental illness,” the governor said after touring the cardiac unit at Children’s. “Because you know what? They didn’t choose any of that. Nobody did, and that’s one of the big functions of government is to take care of those that can’t take care of themselves.”

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