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Polling. Blood. Bath.


That is a 16 point swing.

Arizona +5 +1 +4
Florida +5 -4 +9
Illinois -1 -18 +17
Missouri +7 +4 +3
Nevada +3 -3 +6
New Hampshire +2 -2 +4
North Carolina +4 -1 +5
Ohio +4 -4 +8
Pennsylvania +2 -6 +8
Wisconsin -8 -9 +1
Average +6.5
Trump’s running behind Republican Senate candidates in key states

Forget all these polls!

Pretend Twitter doesn’t exist, show me you are not a dumbass.

Is he even trying?

Don’t forget about thsi waste of time…

Trump’s economic policy is a combination of liberal garbage and lower taxes

Wrong on trade…

Trump Is, Was, And Will Be Wrong On Trade. Again, Trump trotted out myths about the evils of free trade. He blamed NAFTA for shipping jobs to Nexico, for example. That’s a bunch of nonsense. Those jobs didn’t run down to Mexico. Many of them actually ran to the American south. And that movement out of Detroit kept what was left of the American auto industry competitive on the world market. As Gordon Hanson of University of California San Diego said, “Without the ability to move lower-wage jobs to Mexico, we would have lost the whole industry….There was a concern 20 years ago that an auto industry production chain would develop across Asia, including China and Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Maybe NAFTA saved us from that.” Were we to trash NAFTA, auto production could easily just move to China.

Trump also jabbered about the trade deficit (irrelevant) and

Big spending…

Trump Pushes Infrastructure Building As A Solution. This is the same rhetoric that motivated President Obama…and FDR. The fact is that infrastructure spending does not necessarily create serious economic growth – the taxation necessary for such building may outweigh the benefits, and the jobs created are generally temporary. Yet Trump pledges to outspend Hillary on such big ticket items, even though it’s up to states and localities to build most of them.

Lower taxes/less regulation…

Trump’s Solid On Taxes and Regulation. Trump talked about simplifying the tax code into three brackets: 12 percent, 25 percent, and 33 percent, mirroring the House Republican proposal. Trump said, “I am going to cut regulations massively.” He said, correctly, “We are in a competition with the world, and I want America to win. When I am president, we will.” That’s true when it comes to removing the shackles on ourselves. It’s not true when it comes to trying to screw our consumers by artificially raising prices on our competitors.



Yes… Roy Moore will get anther day in court…

More Republicans bail…

Hillary Clinton sued for wrongful death in Benghazi lawsuit

The parents of two of the four Americans who died in the Benghazi attack in 2012 filed a lawsuit Monday against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, alleging her “reckless handling” of classified information contributed to their deaths.

The case was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch USA on behalf of Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, and Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, for allegedly wrongfully causing the death of their sons as well as for defamation and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

The lawsuit suggests that Clinton’s use of a private email server contributed to the deaths of Smith and Woods, adding that terrorists were able to “obtain the whereabouts of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and thus the U.S. State Department and covert and other government operations in Benghazi, Libya and subsequently orchestrate, plan, and execute the now infamous September 11, 2012 attack.”

“Having used a secret private email server that we now know was used to communicate with Ambassador Christopher Stevens with confidential and classified government information, and which we also now know was likely hacked by hostile adversaries such as Iran, Russia, China and North Korea aligning with terrorist groups, it is clear that Hillary Clinton allegedly negligently and recklessly gave up the classified location of the plaintiffs’ sons, resulting in a deadly terrorist attack that took their lives,” Klayman said in a statement announcing the suit.

In addition to the wrongful death and negligence charges named in the suit, the parents also claim that Clinton defamed them in statements to the media, according to court documents.

“During her campaign for President, Defendant Clinton has negligently, recklessly, and/or maliciously defamed Plaintiffs by either directly calling them liars, or by strongly implying that they are liars, in order to protect and enhance her public image and intimidate and emotionally harm and silence them to not speak up about the Benghazi attack on at least four separate occasions,” Klayman wrote in his complaint.

Have Republicans “pounced” yet?

No? They did attack her on this…

The local media CAN NOT pull itself away from HS football and Donald Trump to cover local elections…

Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison is calling other elected officials “Uncle Toms”…

Democrats, like the media, just don’t care…

Hijab wearing competitor is huge news!

Normal anti-Jew behavior by Muslims? Not so much.


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