REMINDER: Mike Brown NEVER SAID, “Hands up, don’t shoot”…

2 years ago, Mike Brown was killed and set off a movement based on lies and false-martyrdom…

Here is what actually happened

1. Brown Was a Criminal. Brown strong-arm robbed a convenience store moments before he was pulled over by Officer Darren Wilson, along with his buddy, Dorian Johnson. But don’t worry: he was an innocent young man just minding his own business.

2. Brown Attacked A Police Officer. After being pulled over, Brown leaned into Wilson’s window and punched him in the face. He then reached over to Wilson’s gun and attempted to grab it. When the gun went off, he took off and ran.

3. Brown Charged A Police Officer. After Wilson popped out of the car and told Brown to freeze, Brown turned around and charged the officer before Wilson shot him to death.

4. Dorian Johnson Lied. Brown never said “hands up, don’t shoot.” He never even held his hands up, by both witness and forensic testimony. He certainly didn’t surrender to Wilson.

And the MSM birthed a movement, based on a lie, that has now led to dead cops and more black men killed…

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