Lottery sponsor State Senator Jim McClendon offers protection for serial lawbreakers… Vote NO.


So slot machines at dog tracks? Vote NO.

Before they wanted some version of these things to be called “bingo machines”, now they are “lottery terminals”. Vote NO.

A protectionist racket for people who have attempted to skirt the law for years? Vote NO.

Everyone gets something!

Vote YES, for your share!

And then there is this…

I hope McClendon isn’t anti-abortion because I think some pro-choice folks might want to ask him “where are your free daycare centers”…

This is terrible. Vote NO.

And before you call me some prude, I want table games and I want all of it to go to the general fund. I want legislators to do their jobs and budget the state’s money.

Vote NO.

Sounds legit.

Vote NO.

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