White AL politician declares white candidate not white enough because he is a Democrat, urges whites to oppose him

Just kidding, I wouldn’t have to be the one telling you this story if that headline above was what actually happened. The local media would be all over that mess… They would be using Alabama’s ancient history to tell you the story of racism and divisive politics of the past that are still alive today in Huntsville.

This story is actually the exact opposite of that tale.

I used a deceptive headline in order to get you to look at the story. The real story should have the following headline:

Black AL politician declares black candidate not black enough because he is a Republican, urges blacks to oppose him…

Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison reportedly wrote, in a now deleted post, the following about North Huntsville’s new political blood (particularly the young folks challenging the status quo). This is not news, there is a very well-known “wait your turn” mentality among the North Huntsville “leadership”.

Even so, it’s odd to see it expressed this way…


Let me summarize this for my friends in the press: the black folks not named Culver, Showers or Harrison are phony blacks who don’t deserve to run for office. Those seats are City Councilman Will Culver’s, Huntsville City Councilman Richard Showers’ and Madison County Commissioner Harrison’s until they give them up or die.

Even though the things I am saying are not polite things to say, these are facts.

While most of what is being said by Harrison is being directed towards Showers’ opponents, namely Devyn Keith, there is also some vitriol being directed toward John Meredith, the man running against Will Culver.


Yes. He is a REPUBLICAN… A BLACK REPUBLICAN! In fact, he was named the 87th most prominent Republican in America.  He’s also a good man. A solid conservative and a friend of mine.

The attack on Civil Rights’ icon James Meredith and the questioning of John Meredith’s honesty regarding HIS OWN FATHER are shameful.

I would say Harrison should apologize, but what is the point? An apology would requite Harrison to feel shame and even though he deleted the post, I do not see that coming.

I would ask that Will Culver disavow this stuff too, but come on, that isn’t happening either.

The people in Huntsville’s District 5 can buck people like Harrison and Culver and say “enough is enough” by showing up to vote for John Meredith.

Lastly, I sent this tweet to liberal sports blog @aldotcom, asking them to wake up and do their jobs…


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