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New Speaker of the House will be chosen today…

Will Ed Henry take a leadership role?

The caucus will also decide on the position of House Majority Leader. Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle, plans to challenge Rep. Micky Hammon, R-Decatur, for the House Majority Leader position.

Henry said Monday the House GOP had to “show the people of Alabama we’re taking notice of what’s happened and change direction and leadership of the House.” Message seeking comment were left with Hammon on Monday.

Benltey has no “Plan B” if lottery fails…

What does a convicted felon think about this?

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman has issued a statement in response to Governor Robert Bentley’s calls for a special session on a lottery vote.

In his response, Siegelman offers details of the last lottery vote that he spearheaded during his first year as governor in 1999, and claims that many people asking for this current vote railed against the previous efforts.

“So now some of these same people who fought the lottery in 1999, whose greed or lust for power cheated our children out of a better life, want Alabama voters to bail them out,” Siegelman wrote.

The full statement can be read below.

Governor Bentley, a staunch Baptist, once joined the loud “Christian” refrain opposing a lottery as a sin, immoral, something so wicked it would surely usher in prostitution, muggings, robberies and create a wave of gambling addiction. These were the arguments used by opponents to defeat the “Education Lottery” referendum in 1999.

I went directly to the largest gathering of many faiths, mostly Baptist and listened to their holy proclamations about the lottery being “immoral”. I stood and answered: ‘I’ll tell you what I think is immoral. I think immoral for children because of the color of their skin or where they were born or to whom, not to be able to reach their god-given potential because they can’t get a quality education.

I had been asking the people of Alabama to establish a lottery since 1989. Over and over I pleaded “Every child, regardless of where they are born or to whom, deserve the right to quality education and every child should have the hope and dream of knowing that if they make their grades and stay out of trouble, they’ll be able to go to college free.

In 1998 I was elected Governor again calling for an “Education Lottery”. A Georgia style lottery with 100% of the proceeds going into the “Alabama Education Trust Fund”.

First, the “Alabama Education Lottery” would have provided free higher education for every high school graduate, tuition free college, community colleges, or trade schools free.

Secondly, the Alabama Education Lottery would provide free preschool relieving working mothers of the worry and expense of day care, knowing at the end of the day their child would be better prepared to read, write, and get along with other children before they entered the first grade.

Best part of his statement?

The opposition, funded by the Mississippi casinos, ran a smothering barrage of TV ads portraying corrupt politicians with cash stacked high like gangsters, ending their ads with:

You. Are. A. Convicted. Felon.

Day 5: Trump vs. a Gold Star Family?




This has nothing to do about Trump’s handling of this, does it?


Of course, it is all rigged…

Liberal fire marshalls…

Medicaid cuts are here…


Black Lives Matter doesn’t matter….

Remember: Elon Musk is a genius….

Trump lies…

I interviewed a candidate for Madison City Council, which means I am bought and paid for…

Corey Lewandowski is a delicate flower

Lewandowski, made infamous for his physical run-in with a female reporter earlier this year, snapped over Quinn’s sweeping arm motions.

“You’ve gotta relax a little bit,” the CNN political commentator said.

Quinn yelled back: “I do not have to relax!”

“Excuse me, don’t touch me! Don’t touch me,” Lewandowski warned.

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