The Dale Jackson ShowPrep for July 26th, 2016…

  • 8:00 AM – Guerrilla Politics’ co-host Waymon Burke and author Steve Flowers
  • 10:00 AM – All That’s Left’s Clete Wetli
  • Sometime this morning – Madison County Democrat Chairman Tom Ryan

Leni’s law is working

Four-year-old Gabriel Pass surprises his mother every day now that he’s gotten relief from frequent seizures.

Ethan Goodridge, 17, is having fewer seizures and is laughing and talking more, his mother says.

Gabriel and Ethan, so far at least, are two of the success stories resulting from a new Alabama law that allows the use of cannabidiol, or CBD oil, to treat debilitating medical conditions. CBD oil is derived from the marijuana plant.

Leni’s Law took effect June 1. It’s named for Leni Young, 4.

The Young family moved from Alabama to Oregon last year so that Leni could use CBD oil to treat her seizure disorder.

Leni’s mother, Amy Young, said Leni has gone from having hundreds of seizures a day to a total of six since September. Leni began taking CBD oil in August, Young said.

“Leni is great,” Young said. “She is spectacular. She is using her body more and more and doing new things every day.”

Leni’s Law was an expansion of Carly’s Law, which passed in 2014 and authorized a study at the University of Alabama in Birmingham on the use of CBD oil to treat seizure disorders.

DNC is here…

Michelle Obama killed it

With a graciousness that impressed critics and brought supporters to tears, Michelle Obama on Monday night gave a perfectly pitched convention speech that was a ringing endorsement of Hillary Clinton, a backhanded slap at Donald Trump, and a powerful reminder of the historic nature of her husband’s presidency.

Obama praised Clinton as the only qualified candidate in the race for the White House. But she also managed to deftly answer the critics who have attacked her husband, while assailing the bleak world view and coarse tone of the Republican presidential nominee.

Bernie Sanders sold his soul and the media demands Sanders’ supporters do the same…

Sanders sycophants can’t swallow that, and they aren’t willing to accept that Clinton stands for, and would actually advance – probably more effectively than their man would – most of what they say they believe. She’s for immigration reform, a higher minimum wage, health care for all, real environmental protection, criminal justice reform, more affordable college, better infrastructure, strong bank regulation (yep, believe it), tougher trade rules and on down the list.

He tried to save some face…

Literally, he he tried to sell his soul for an airplane

Sen. Bernie Sanders will back Hillary Clinton in exchange for speaking opportunities at fall campaign rallies, a fully-funded campaign aircraft and a share of the credit for her hoped-for election, according to a negotiating memo obtained by BuzzFeed News and dated two days before the June 7 California primary.

“Request a plane and staff for a series of fall rallies in battleground states … plane would be paid for by the DNC,” according the the Sanders memo, titled “End Game 2016” and addressed to “Bernie 2016.”

His followers are still holding out hope…

Elizabeth Warren is a boring person…

They knew about the hack for a year…



And “free stuff”

All this might sound good, particularly to the Millennials who overwhelmingly backed Sanders in the Democratic primaries. But the plan is not particularly fair to people who’ve already sacrificed mightily to pay for higher education. Nor does it address the main drivers of rising tuition: an indulgence of instructors who don’t spend much time in the classrooms, money-losing sports programs, bloated bureaucracies and massive building campaigns.

Government grants and subsidies to students and universities already amount to more than $150 billion a year. Additionally, students pay about $120 billion annually with borrowed funds, almost all of it through federal programs.

This flood of money has not held tuition down. In fact, it has had the opposite effect, encouraging colleges to spend on whatever they want while continuing to hike tuition.

A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York last year found that for every dollar in Pell Grants colleges received, they hiked tuition by 55 cents, and for every dollar in subsidized federal loans, they hiked tuition by 65 cents.

Clinton argues that her new plan would hold universities accountable. But she provides few details, and what details she does include do not include restrictions on tuition hikes.

Solving totally real problems…

Not fear and division…

Keep going with Obama and Hillary, everything and everyone is terrible though and Trump will make it worse.

Watch out Chik-fil-A, WHNT is coming for you…

ESPN is terrible…

COLUMNIST for Too little too late?

More than a quarter century ago, Jordan was widely (and rightly) criticized after he refused to publicly support African-American Harvey Gantt, a former Charlotte mayor and Democrat who was trying to unseat U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms, who opposed the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday and allegedly whistled “Dixie” while in an elevator with an African-American member of Congress.  Helms was a Republican.

Jordan allegedly told a friend latter: “Republicans buy sneakers, too.”

Those words have haunted Jordan ever since, not matter what causes or candidates he has supported.

Well, it’s time to give up the ghost.

Will anyone ask Hillary if she believe Jews are “termites”

Bama couple ready to go to jail for trying to join ISIS

A federal judge has scheduled sentencing next month for a Mississippi couple who pleaded guilty to planning to travel to Syria and join the Islamic State group.

Online court records show that sentencing is Aug. 11 for Jaelyn Young, who left her parents a note saying she had planned it all. Judge Sharion Aycock has scheduled sentencing Aug. 24 for Young’s fiance, Muhammad Dakhlalla.

Authorities say undercover agents got in touch with the couple after they sought online help traveling to Syria.

Young was 20-years-old and Dakhlalla was 22-years-old when they were arrested Aug. 8, 2015, in Columbus, Mississippi, where they were about to board a flight to Istanbul, with plans to go from there to Syria.

Each pleaded guilty in March to one count of aiding a terrorist organization. The maximum penalty is 20 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and lifetime on supervised release, which could mean a return to prison if they violate any of its terms.

They aren’t in jail…

Attack in Japan… 15 dead.

Authorities said 19 people are dead and at least 45 are wounded after a knife attack near Tokyo, Japan on Monday, the Guardian reported



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