There is a reason “vote your conscience” got booed…

Because it was terrible for Trump, if those people “vote their conscience up and down the ballot”, they know a lot of people will leave the top of the ticket blank.

The people in that room know it.

The Republican Party has trashed the message that they have been selling for 2 decades in order to support Donald Trump, who has no message at all.

If you don’t see this as awful for everyone except Hillary Clinton, you aren’t being honest.

Lastly, “He didn’t honor his pledge!” is a pretty common refrain this morning…

About that.

What would Trump have done?

Oh, I don’t know, but I do know he is out their still trashing Kasich for no reason and for no benefit. We know they reached out to Kasich for VP, it would be malpractice if they didn’t and now they are trying to destroy him… In Ohio… When they need Ohio to win… Morons.

Also, Trump allowed this to happen…

That is three days of dumb news out of this convention.

This was terrible for Trump, bad for Cruz and embarrassing for Trump supporters raging against Cruz.

I can appreciate a good spin, but be honest, Cruz’ appearance was a disaster for Trump and bad for him.

Winner: HRC


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