A white guy who has worked at AL.com since the 80s FINALLY calls for reparations… Good, I am in.

He is not serious about reparations?

Of course there’s anger. Generations of it. Centuries of slavery and decades of Jim Crow were just the start.

Alabama, for instance, is more than a quarter black, but black people hold almost none of its wealth. Of companies with paid employees in the state, blacks own just 3 percent, according to the U.S. Census. And the sales for those companies are negligible. Precious little has been done to encourage black prosperity.

Of course there is anger.

While white people chased the American dream of home ownership to capture and build wealth, blacks often faced something else. They were systematically redlined by banks, and denied access to home loans. When they had to borrow money they too often turned to dodgy lenders who – while still enabled by bought-and-sold politicians like those in the Alabama Legislature — charged impossible fees and interest rates that guaranteed failure.

That’s not a dream, it’s a nightmare.

That is a list of gripes, how about a solution?

It’s time to talk about real change, about ways to level the field. It’s not too far-fetched to speak of reparations. Not a redistribution of wealth, as some would label it, but as restitution for generations of wrongs.

To seek absolution. To seek redemption.

The practicalities are hard to fathom, I admit. The devil is in the details. Who would qualify and who would pay? What can we afford to do, and how can we afford to do nothing?

It is a hard conversation. But it is worth starting.

It has been so long. It has been so wrong.

Like most #BlackLivesMatter screeds, Archibald says NOTHING here. Offers nothing. Just stirs up a mess. Claims he is seeking a conversation.

He has had this platform for years, offer a real solution.

He won’t

Alternate suggestion: Go find one of your underpaid co-workers and stroke him a check every month.

If John Archibald will do it, so will I.



He will be on the program tomorrow at 9:35 AM.


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