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  • 7:20 AM – 730 The Ump 103.9 FM’s Cole Cubelic from SEC Media Days
  • 8:00 AM – Doctor of Political Science Jess Brown
  • 9:00 AM – James Lomax, Host of The James Lomax Show
  • 9:30 AM – 730 The Ump 103.9 FM’s Cole Cubelic from SEC Media Days
  • 10:00 AM – Liberal Thursday with All That’s Left’s Clete Wetli
  • At some point – State Representative Ed Henry from Cleveland and the pre-RNC activites

Republicans continue their stupid fight

In their opening faceoff at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump’s campaign and party leaders seem poised to defeat GOP renegades trying to derail the billionaire’s presidential nomination. But it’s unclear they’ll prevail before the dispute flares into a potentially angry and embarrassing floor fight next week.

The two sides on Thursday were beginning what could be a two-day faceoff at early meetings of the convention’s rules committee. That panel’s initial votes are expected to demonstrate how firmly Trump and GOP Chairman Reince Priebus control the convention, which meets in full next week.

On Wednesday, Priebus signaled that it’s time for the insurrectionists to rally behind Trump or be faced with a November victory by Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ presumptive nominee.

“If we don’t stick together as a party and stop her, then the only alternative is to get comfortable with the phrase, ‘President Hillary Clinton,'” Priebus said as the 168-member Republican National Committee — the party’s leadership — gathered for the first time in their convention city.

Party leaders have been hoping to prevent their four-day gathering from evolving into a nationally televised rebellion. There’s been talk of some Trump foes walking out of the convention if they feel they’ve been treated unfairly, a spectacle top Republicans would love to avoid.

“Chains, whips, muzzles and tasers,” Steve Duprey, an RNC member from New Hampshire, joked about how top Republicans have tried to calm the uprising.

This is absurd….

Tim Tebow is a Trumper and gets a spot at the convention, Sarah Palin does not.

Was there a deal between Lynch and Clinton? Obviously.

FBI agents think so

Dumb people do dumb things…

Obama is making race relations worse…

They sure aren’t getting better.

And, we are learning more about Alton Sterling

Fake narratives drive the day

his all started with the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014.

Witnesses claimed Michael Brown had his hands up and was begging Officer Darren Wilson not to kill him, but that Wilson shot him anyway. This was a lie, proven by Obama’s Department of Justice. At no point did Michael Brown have his hands up. He was physically assaulting Officer Wilson and trying to take the officer’s gun.

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop the media from continuing to spread the lie.

At a time of crisis, instead of bringing us together, President Obama and the media have been culpable in tearing us apart. Every police shooting of an African American gets broadcasted on every major news network, and every race monger, from Jesse Jackson to Al Sharpton, appears on the network and sensationalizes the story to fit a particular narrative before any details are even released. Like clockwork, before any investigation is complete, President Obama gives a broad, counterproductive speech that generalizes law enforcement departments nationwide.

Following the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, President Obama gave a late-night speech on the shooting. While the videos posted online were horrific, the sitting president of the United States should not comment on an ongoing investigation in which he himself said he “could not comment on the specific facts of the case.”

Yet, he was able to declare that, “These are not isolated incidents. They are symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system.”

During the speech, President Obama suggested that there is an epidemic of police shootings of African Americans. However, a study from Washington State University showed that police actually took longer to pull the trigger against armed African Americans than against armed Hispanics and whites. Furthermore, a recent Harvard study showed that while there is a bias in police use of force against African Americans, there is no racial bias in shootings.

Rather than letting the justice system punish police officers if the jury deems them guilty, Black Lives Matter activists have proclaimed that there is a genocide happening against African Americans; have chanted that they want “dead cops;” and further fueled the racial divide.



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