I welcome WHNT-TV in to the world of the opinion media, now admit what you are…

UPDATE: https://twitter.com/finessebryan/status/753663442628833280 (NOW DELETED)


How did I know she would delete it, and know to screengrab it? Read it, would you leave something that dumb on your public Twitter page?

Of course that was your opinion, you said so.

“Glad my station let me break the mold, speak honestly on

WHNT wieghs in too…

Doesn’t a conversation usually go two ways?


Yes, you were lying about being unbiased. That’s fine you all do it. I am proud of you and WHNT for being honest.

WHNT has notoriously been the most obviously biased (they are also the most successful) TV outlet in North Alabama but they hid behind the facade of not having opinions, just giving you the news.

They lied.

Yes, she tweeted this out.

Yes, she is proud of this.

Yes, that is embarrassing.

Look, if Bryan wants to be a talk show host, she should pursue that career . If she wants to be an activists, she should pursue that “career”. BUT if she wants to be a reporter, she should professionalize herself ASAP.

Let me ask this question, if Rufus T. Whitebread stood up at a news staff meeting tomorrow and said, I would like to respond to Bryan and explain why the Black Lives Matter movement is handling this all wrong, what will their news director, Denise Vickers, do?

Follow up, does anyone think there is anyone at WHNT brave enough to do what I just described? Does anyone there disagree with her or is this a giant group-think? Would it matter?

WHNT, good luck with this self-inflicted wound. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is an activist and media wet-dream, your viewers don’t, by large, buy-in to the movement or it’s methods. Like I said, good luck.

How did this get on the air?



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