The Dale Jackson ShowPrep for July 1st, 2016…

9:00 – State Senator Arthur Orr on state politics and the national scene

Loretta Lynch is investigating the CLINTONS. Both of them.

This is how her latest ethical lapse is being portrayed…

A stir? Like it’s made up?


Maybe this meeting is good overall?

Hubbard sentencing recommendation come down…


Lawmakers want the courts to raise the minimum wage, apparently the color of their skin is the most important part of their argument.

When does the bombing start?

Why bomb Gaza?

Oh, yeah… This is what our military is doing…

And if you have a problem with it, you are sick.

He’s up…

Trump vs. the world…

He needs the GOP. Stop this nonsense.

Sessions vs. Trump?

Chris Christie? Gingrich? Does he want to lose.

Is this true?

Is Ryan caving?

Why, Rolando, Why?


A slight history lesson about the

He backed out and just keeps digging…

The EU is a mess…


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