The Dale Jackson ShowPrep for June 24th, 2016…

  • 8:20 AM – State Representative Mac McCutcheon to discuss his run for House Speaker.
  • 10:00 AM – Commentary Magazine’s Noah Rothman to discuss the Brexit, 2016 and the Supreme Court.
  • 10:30 AM – 3rd Rail Politics’s Rex Davis to talk about Alabama’s chaotic political scene.

Bloodbath continues…

Stop the bleeding!

Britain leaves…

Trump rambles, missing a huge opportunity.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump celebrated Britain’s stunning vote to leave the European Union Friday in Ayrshire, Scotland, saying that the people of the United Kingdom have “taken their country back.”

“I think it’s a great thing that happened,” Trump told reporters, according to the New York Times, shortly after his helicopter landed at his Trump Turnberry golf resort. “People are angry, all over the world people, they’re angry.”

He has NO CLUE what he is talking about.

The appropriate parallel for Trump to draw between Brexit and the US is simple, the people want a government that works for them. They don’t want a un-elected mess (EU) or over-reaching executive (America) ruling them.

He could have mentioned yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling. But again, he has no clue what he is talking about.

Again, Trump’s main issue to attract conservatives is the Supreme Court and yesterday’s ruling gave him the ammo he needs.

  • Immigration ruling – Obama isn’t a dictator, we need a strong court

  • Affirmative action ruling – Discrimination of any kind is wrong, we need a better court.

Omar Mateen, totally not gay. Totally. Not. Gay.

Oh and CAIR is handling his family and friends’ defense…

Democrat losers lose and the media drops “sit-in” talk.


Here is what it is really about.

It was for money and attention…

Jeff Sessions as VP?

Ever since he was the first Republican senator to endorse Donald Trump, Alabama’s Jeff Sessions has been viewed by political observers as a strong contender to be the presumptive Republican nominee’s vice presidential choice. Now, it’s not just the pundits proclaiming Sessions as a contender in the veepstakes — Trump has Sessions as the front-runner, according to a report Thursday from the conservative website Newsmax.

Sources close to Trump told Newsmax that Sessions is the real estate mogul’s top choice at the moment to complete the ticket, although they said The Donald’s thinking could change between now and mid-July’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Trump is expected to make his decision public at the convention.

Sessions, a national figure for his immigration views, was the first senator to endorse Trump when he backed the Republican presidential candidate during a Madison rally. Alabama’s junior senator also appeared on stage with Trump at last summer’s Mobile rally, which drew between 20,000 to 30,000 people.



No one is going to jail over Freddie Gray…

Cries of discrimination are fake?

This is scary

A robot capable of thinking for itself is set to be scrapped after it escaped from a high-tech lab for a second time.

The Promobot IR77 has been fitted with artificial intelligence meaning that it learns from its experiences and its surroundings, although the programmers had not expected it to yearn for freedom.

They say that despite reprogramming it twice, the robot continues to attempt to escape and they are now considering scrapping it. The other robots which have been created from the same series are well-behaved, and have not been escaping, say the team.

Promobot IR77 made headlines last week when he escaped but ran out of battery in the middle of the street after 45 minutes in the city of Perm in central Russia’s Perm Krai region.

The expert said that they had programmed the robot to try and avoid obstacles, and it had not been intended that it would look for ways to leave the research centre.


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