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Democrats continue embarrassing themselves on gun control following the Orlando shooting

The U.S. House of Representatives finally adjourned until July 5 after sit-in protests by Democrats halted business in the chamber for more than 17 hours.

Despite the decision to end the legislative session, more than a dozen Democratic members, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., were still protesting on the House floor as of this morning. It’s unclear exactly how Democrats will proceed with their efforts to bring up a vote on gun control.

The unprecedented demonstration, which was broadcast live through C-SPAN and social media across the country, started Wednesday morning and ended early this morning.

Republicans should have just let this go on and continue conducting business around them…

Oh wait, that’s what they did…

Just a reminder:

Trump laid the hammer down on Hillary, did she notice?

Gary Johnson is a Libertarian Presidential candidate, he is both pro-pot and a terrible pot-advocate

Birmingham City Councilwoman: Holocaust “Dead is dead”

Birmingham City Councilwoman Sheila Tyson – who once labeled the city’s refusal to pay for her junket to Alaska as “apartheid” – on Tuesday went one further.

In discussing a proposal for the city to chip in on a privately funded Holocaust memorial downtown, she said this:

“Dead is dead.”

About the Holocaust.

“Isn’t it still for dead people,” Tyson said. “It is for dead people. Aren’t the people they are memorializing deceased?”

Tyson was ticked because she had previously wanted to give city money to Shadow Lawn Cemetery, an old African-American cemetery that had fallen into disrepair. If it can give to a Holocaust memorial, why not Shadow Lawn?

“What’s the difference?” she demanded. “Aren’t the people they are memorializing deceased?”

You had to feel for city lawyer Thomas Bentley, whose parents are buried in Shadow Lawn, as he tried to explain the difference to Tyson.

He sighed. And paused.

“I’m not sure I have the vocabulary or explanatory power to indicate the distinction although it’s clear to me from a legal standpoint that there is a distinction,” he said. He went on to say Shadow Lawn is a private entity, while the Holocaust memorial is an expression of the city’s remembrance.

Mac McCutheon is running for Speaker of the House

The picture is perhaps becoming clearer on who will be elected Speaker of the House of Representatives in wake of Mike Hubbard’s ouster.

State Rep. Mac McCutcheon, R-Monrovia, announced on Wednesday afternoon his candidacy for the position. McCutcheon is chair of the powerful House Rules Committee. His north Alabama district is near Huntsville.

McCutcheon’s announcement comes after the acting Speaker, Victor Gaston, as well as Rep. Bill Poole of Tuscaloosa – also considered a leading candidate – withdrew their names for consideration.

McCutcheon’s full statement:

“After a great deal of prayer and encouragement from many of my colleagues, I am officially announcing my candidacy for the position of Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives. These are trying times for our state and for the members of the House and we must focus on rebuilding the public trust in our government. I am committed to working with all of my colleagues in the House to promote an atmosphere that is honest, transparent and cooperative. My goal is to lead a legislative process that will promote the interests of all Alabamians so that we can restore honor and integrity to our government.”

McCutcheon was the most Hubbard-y Hubbard guy, don’t see how this happens if the goal is to turn the page in Montgomery and in the GOP.

9-months in jail for raping a 15-year old?

Court records show that Byrd’s victim, who turned 17 on Wednesday, in February 2015 admitted to a counselor at Fairview High School that she had been sexually assaulted by the then-21-year-old coach. Cullman County Sheriff’s Office investigators, plus representatives of the Child Advocacy Center and the Department of Human Resources went to the school to talk to the girl.

She told authorities that Byrd, who helped coach the school’s basketball team, began around Christmas 2014 sending her Facebook messages and talking to her at basketball games. She made it clear when he would flirt with her that she was not interested, according to the court documents.

About a month later, Byrd also began texting the girl and, one night as she waited for her ride home from basketball practice, he kissed her. The rape also occurred in late January, as the 10th-grader sat with Byrd in his car waiting for softball practice to begin.

Byrd pulled the girl’s baseball pants down and, despite her protests, forced her to have intercourse, the police report says. She told investigators that was the only time it happened.

This wasn’t statutory rape, it was forcible rape. Unbelievable.

I am sure this guy was a great kid and all that

A former Birmingham high school standout athlete arrested just two months ago on drug and gun charges was shot to death early this morning by a Shelby County sheriff’s deputy.

The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office this afternoon identified him as Isaiah Core III. He was 20, and had previous addresses in Clay and Trussville.

Core graduated from Huffman High School, where he was a quarterback on the football team, guard on the basketball team and was named a Scholar-Athlete of the Week. He went on to play college basketball at LaGrange College where he was named the USA South Rookie of the Week.

He was shot to death early today after leading lawmen on a chase through two counties in a stolen vehicle and then trying to run over a Shelby County sheriff’s deputy, authorities said.

“It’s sad to hear, knowing the potential he had,” LaGrange College head basketball coach Kendal Wallace told today. “He just never could get on the right track to make the right decisions to stay on the right path.”


His former college coach said he was close to Core and saddened by the turn of events. “I cared about him. You can’t save them all, but he was one we really wanted to save,” he said. “I was afraid something like this might happen, but certainly not to this extent.”


Illegal immigrant was on a mission from a drug runner

One of three men, who were arrested during a March traffic stop in Oxford while allegedly on a mission to steal a safe from a house and turn the occupants over to a Honduran drug enforcer, has pleaded guilty to a firearms charge.

Josue Lopez-Benegas, 24, pleaded guilty Wednesday in a hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Abdul Kallon to one count of unlawful transport of firearms by an illegal alien. The charges relate to the recovery of pistols during a March 25 traffic stop by Oxford police.

Kallon set Sept. 20 for Lopez-Benegas’ sentencing.

Lopez-Benegas entered a blind plea – meaning no plea agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Lopez-Benegas’ attorney, Ken Gomany, said that prior to sentencing he will be looking for any mitigating factors that could lessen the sentence. But whatever sentence he receives, Lopez-Benegas faces deportation because he was in the country illegally, he said.

Police found several pistols, loaded magazines, a tactical vest, knife, utility rope, a machete, handcuffs, and a black ski mask inside the white four-door 2015 Dodge Dart in which Lopez-Benegas and two other men were riding, according to federal court documents filed Friday.

Stupid British couple to get special treatment

Birmingham, Alabama here they come.

The British couple who mistook Birmingham, Alabama for Birmingham, England when booking a trip to Las Vegas a few months ago will get to experience the Magic City for themselves on Aug. 16-17.


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