The Dale Jackson ShowPrep for June 10th, 2016…


President Barack Obama endorsed presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a web video Thursday.

“I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office,” Obama said in the video.



No surprises here…

Meanwhile, no one is with him…


Bob Vander Plaats, a supporter and campaign co-chair of former candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, suggested that a convention coup at next month’s Republican nominating convention in Cleveland is possible.

“Everything’s got to be on the table,” said Vander Plaats, acknowledging to NBC News that could mean an effort to unbind the delegates from having to vote for Trump on the convention floor.

Vander Plaats said Trump’s recent tirade against Judge Gonzalo Curiel is leading to “more and more questions going into Cleveland.”

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt also vocalized a plan B on his radio program, saying that “the party ought to change the nominee — because we’re going to get killed with this nominee.”

But despite Vander Plaats and Hewitt’s suggestion, two Republican National Committee rules committee members said they reject the notion, and Cruz’s own top delegate aide quashed the idea on Wednesday.

Ken Cuccinelli, who worked as the Cruz campaign’s top delegate wrangler, emphatically refuted, telling NBC News, that such efforts to change the party rules to defeat Trump won’t happen. Cuccinelli continues to oversee an effort among Cruz loyalists to influence the platform and rules committees at the convention.

“That’s not going to happen — at least among our people,” Cuccinelli said. “I will say clearly we are not participating, and we are dissuading people from any effort to change the nominating effort in the rules committee.”


Yes, the rape case in Stanford is pretty terrible. But…

It’s nice to see people wanting more jail time for this guy, or maybe they just want less time for this rapist.

That’s what makes the case of Brock Turner, a 19-year-old standout swimmer at Stanford who raped an unconscious woman, all the more infuriating. As was the case with Batey, ample evidence existed that Turner was guilty. Eyewitnesses actually caught him in the act as he sexually assaulted an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. A jury agreed and Turner was found guilty of multiple felony rape charges. Turner, though, was given a six-month jail sentence and told he could be released on good behavior in as little as three months. He won’t even go to an actual prison, but will remain in the local jail during that time.

One man will spend the entire prime of his life in prison for his crime — the other will be out of jail before the summer heat disappears.

One man is black and the other is white. I won’t even ask you to guess which is which. This is America.

I can’t tell.

Either way, those mad about this might want to think about this… (they won’t)

This will make people mad

A former Stanford University swimmer whose six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman ignited widespread outrage will leave jail three months early.

Online inmate records show 20-year-old Brock Turner is expected to be released from the Santa Clara County jail on Sept. 2. He was booked June 2.

County jail inmates serve 50 percent of their sentences if they keep a clean disciplinary record. Calls to the county Department of Correction weren’t immediately returned Thursday.

Turner of Dayton, Ohio, was convicted of attacking the woman he met at a fraternity party in January 2015 and was sentenced last week to six months in jail and three years’ probation.

More info that would have been nice in the primary that probably wouldn’t have mattered, that will be used repeatedly in the general.


AL’s AG calls BS on 9th Circuit

Alabama’s attorney general denounced a federal appeals court ruling today that effectively denies residents of one California county the right of possession of a handgun for self-defense outside the home.


The ruling?

In fact, an applicant must specifically demonstrate ‘a set of circumstances that distinguish the applicant from the mainstream and causes him or her to be placed in harm’s way. Simply fearing for one’s personal safety alone is not considered good cause.'”

The brief added under San Diego County’s gun restrictions “bearing arms in self-defense is not a right, but a privilege granted by the government to those it deems most in danger from a specific, previously documented threat.”

Pretty crazy.

Are there more water issues in other parts of North Alabama?


Here is a picture I received from a Harvest resident.

A completely preventable tragedy…

The city knows this is a deadly stretch of road but did nothing because of racism, or something

It was clear from the outset of Tuesday’s meeting that Culver’s plan was in trouble. One Northwoods resident said a fence gives the appearance that the city is “trying to imprison us.”

Another woman distributed a flyer with a picture of jail bars and the caption, “Do you know what the City of Huntsville has in store for your neighborhood?”

The Rev. Al Garrett with Interfaith Mission Service suggested Huntsville police conduct a safety campaign to educate children in Northwoods about the dangers of jaywalking on University Drive.

The city should also encourage construction of a convenience store on the Northwoods side of University, Garrett said, so residents won’t have to cross the busy road to shop at Chevron or Jet-Pep.

Build a “skybridge” there…Crosswalks are racist anyway….

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this year reported that 4,735 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in 2013, representing 14 percent of all traffic-related fatalities. The agency estimated that 66,000 pedestrians were injured that same year. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also reported that during a period that spanned 2000 to 2012, African-American and Hispanic male pedestrians were more than twice as likely then white men to die in traffic crashes.

Kahn said experiences with subtle forms of discrimination could then result in individuals altering their transportation choices. That is also true about the pedestrian experience, she said.

“You can imagine how, if you are constantly experiencing these disparities, you might choose to avoid walking or force the right of way when cars are not stopping, potentially putting yourself in dangerous situations,” Kahn said. “That may play into these shocking statistics.”

Goddard and Adkins said their work carries numerous implications for public safety and urban planning, particularly in informing planners and engineers on ways to improve spaces used by pedestrians and motorists. The team also hopes to initiate a larger investigation in cities across the country, and eventually to help improve public awareness around pedestrian safety.

“We want this work to continue, and it will be very important to see if there are disparities in other parts of the country,” Adkins said.

“While implicit bias does not explain the disparity in safety outcomes, it may be a contributor,” he said. “These microaggressions in different contexts add up to become a very negative situation for some people. It is a problem if people feel threatened, or if they are treated unequally.”



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