How a Trump supporter explains Trump’s actions to an undecided voter….

This is a listener e-mail:

Dale, Love your show. Wish I could call and say this in person but work won’t allow.

Here is what you tell people who are getting the heebie-jeebies about Trump based on the things he says: Grown-ups know there are very, very important differences between WORDS, THINGS, ACTIONS and FEELINGS. It’s time we all grew up and acknowledged them instead of living in an infantile cult of superficiality that gives words and feelings the same – or more – importance than things and actions.

 1.) WORDS are just WORDS. Words are not real “things.” They are made of air and vibration. They can’t hurt a person unless you count hurt feelings. Which leads us to 

2.) FEELINGS are just FEELINGS. They are not real “things.” Just like WORDS, they can’t damage people, places or things. Even the most painful feelings and ugliest words will eventually go away on their own. After they leave, a person will have exactly the same number of fingers, toes, possessions and abilities as he or she had before the feelings came

3.) ACTIONS are real THINGS. They can be measured, witnessed by everyone and they have effects upon people, places and things. Actions cause changes that are productive or damaging, good or bad.

4.) A person’s WORDS, and a person’s ACTIONS are often contradictory. This is because we are human. People who say nice things often do bad things and vice-versa. People do this for several reasons, ranging from intentional deception to boorish insensitivity. 

5.) The most accurate way to judge the character of anyone, yourself included, is to look at ACTIONS. The least accurate way to judge character is to look at WORDS.

6.) The most accurate way to determine a person’s future ACTIONS is to examine that person’s past ACTIONS.

Trump has made WORDS that sound racist and/or chauvinistic. His ACTIONS, however, show that he has provided a livelihood for thousands of minorities and women. He has also donated large amounts of money to people who include minorities and women. His family also contains women who appear to be quite happy.

As far as I know, Trump’s ACTIONS towards minorities and women (as a whole) have always been benign. He has interacted with thousands of important people in a bright spotlight of scrutiny (as he likes it). If there was a pattern of racist or misogynist ACTIONS we would have heard of it by now. We would have seen lawsuits, tell-all’s, etc. As far as I remember, the whole racism and sexism thing only started after he started running for president.

How does Trump make this stuff go away?


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