The Dale Jackson ShowPrep for June 6th, 2016…

No water crisis, guys… Nothing to worry about… Trust Governor Bentley

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley issued a statement Friday night saying the water issues impacting some parts of northern Alabama were “not a crisis,” despite one utility advising its customers not to drink their tap water.

“Based on my current understanding, I am confident that there is no health-related crisis based on the water quality of the West Morgan East Lawrence Water Authority,” Bentley said in a news release. “I believe every citizen should have safe water to drink.”

The issue arose on May 19, when the Environmental Protection Agency issued ahealth advisory for man-made chemicals PFOS and PFOA, stating that lower concentrations of those compounds than previously thought could lead to health problems over time.

As a result, the West Morgan East Lawrence Water Authority advised its customers not to drink the water from its taps, which had been tested at concentrations above the new advisory threshold.

Time to complain about Jefferson Davis’ birthday

June 6 is Jefferson Davis’ birthday in Alabama. The state holiday means many offices and agencies will be closed in honor of the late Confederate leader.

Here’s a look at what’s open and what’s closed:

Alabama state offices – closed

Alabama state courts – closed

Driver’s license offices/license commissioner offices – closed

Car tag offices – closed

U.S. Post Office – normal operations

Banks – open

City and county offices – Most are open. Some county offices, including Calhoun County, Covington County, Cullman County and Mobile County are closed.

The holiday commemorates the birthday of Davis, who led the Confederate States of America from 1861-1865. Alabama is the last state to have a legal holiday to set aside solely to commemorate the birthday of Davis.

If you have a problem with it AND stayed home from work today, you are  a hypocrite.

Alabamians can’t feed themselves or something

A recent study by Feeding America identified the food insecurity rate at 18.8% in Alabama, suggesting that 911,440 people, including 292,330 children, experience some level of food insecurity throughout the year.

Bull. Crap.

Don’t worry, the schools are here to do it for you

Children in our community, under the age of 18 yrs., will be able to eat 3 free hot meals this summer.  Huntsville City Schools Child Nutrition Program is hosting this new food program this summer, and its free of charge.

The program is funded through the USDA, and any child 18 and under may eat free at any of the designated Summer Feeding Schools. Sites are chosen based on the requirements under the current free and reduced meal program, where at least half of the students must be eligible under Title 1. There will be 10 schools in the district that will serve a hot breakfast and lunch each weekday, and two schools that will serve a hot dinner each weekday. Any child (18 or under), from across the entire school district can go to any one of the sites and eat free.

The following schools will serve as the meal site for Breakfast and Lunch:

  • MLK Elementary
  • Morris Elementary
  • Highlands Elementary
  • Montview Elementary
  • University Place Elementary
  • McDonnell Elementary
  • Lakewood Elementary
  • Chapman Middle School
  • Butler High School
  • Johnson High School

Breakfast will be served from 7:30am-8:30am and Lunch will be offered from 11:00am-1:00pm.

**Two of our middle schools will offer dinner from 3:30pm-5:30pm (Locations for dinner = Davis Hills MS and Westlawn MS)

Ali was a great boxer, I am told, I am 37-years-old and never saw him fight.

America is mourning his death today…

I will just say this, he was a draft dodger (My father wasn’t a fan for this reason)…

I carry a bit of that with me and divisive figure in his heyday.

What accounts for the current canonization of Ali? He was the first athlete to be politicized, and became the darling of America’s liberal establishment. Ali refused to be inducted into the armed forces because, as he said, he had no quarrel with the Viet Cong, whom he contrasted with whites in the U.S. who had oppressed blacks. This was catnip to the prevailing ethos of the time, and largely accounts for Ali’s celebrity.

That was, in my opinion, nothing to be proud of, but worse was Ali’s conversion to the Nation of Islam. This was seen as a “black power” move by the establishment, which applauded. But the Black Muslims, or Nation of Islam, were a racist cult that taught that white people were created in a laboratory as “devils” by a mad scientist. They should have been marginalized, to put it mildly, but Ali’s conversion mainstreamed the evil cult. It should be noted that Ali later left the Nation of Islam, quietly, but the damage was done. (Congressman Keith Ellison is one of many members of the Nation of Islam who–needless to say–has never been asked by any reporter what he thinks about the creation of white “devils” in a laboratory.)

He was also against race-mixing…


And thought the white man was the devil

Believe it or not, Piers Morgan summed it up best

In further tweets, Morgan said Ali “wanted a ban on mixed-race marriage”, calling him an “imperfect genius in and out of the ring” and “dangerous and exciting”.

“Why would stating that Muhammad Ali made a lot of inflammatory, race-charged statements in his life be remotely controversial? He did,” Morgan wrote.

And in a mock-apology, the TV host added: “I’m sorry for ‘saying inflammatory things for attention’. That’s the last thing Muhammad Ali would have condoned.”


Obama demanded some credit last week for how awesome everything is going…

The media demanded it for him

Barely a minute into Wednesday’s PBS town hall event with President Barack Obama, PBS NewsHour co-host Gwen Ifill took a few digs at the people of Elkhart, Indiana where the event was being held for not giving Obama “any credit” for their unemployment drop to the point that she exclaimed: “What gives?”

The town hall, which was designed to have the President take questions from the audience, began with Ifill explaining that Wednesday’s visit to Elkhart by the President was his “fifth visit to the once and again R.V. Capital of the world, a small city where the unemployment rate hit 19.6 percent his first year in office, and now has dropped to about four percent.”

Taking into no consideration things that the townspeople or local and state governments may have done to improve business, Ifill went right to wondering why “this White House isn’t get any credit for that turnaround.”

Ifill noted that the town backed then-candidate Ted Cruz in the state’s GOP primary plus “Mitt Romney by two to one in 2012” and John McCain in 2008 “[e]ven when President Obama won Indiana in 2008, just as the economy was crashing.”

In what can be described as a poor choice of words at the minimum, Ifill blurted out before welcoming the President onto the stage: “So what gives? We’ve asked some of the people who live here to join us on the stage of the beautiful Lerner Theater here in downtown for an intimate conversation.”

The liberal host spent the next few moments talking to the President before the audience took over with the questioning and for the first one, Ifill wondered what Donald Trump’s campaign slogan meant to the President: “But I first want to ask why talking to you a little bit about this campaign. What do you think it means when you hear the words ‘Let’s Make America Great Again?’”

When the President brought up the economy in his answer, Ifill followed up by again taking a dig at Elkhart and across the country for still “think[ing] the deficits have gone up and the jobless rate has gone up and in fact that their lives have not improved.”

Then this happened…

San Jose police stood by for 90-minutes while rioters attacked Trump supporters…

Why? Because they didn’t want to make them madder…

Boy competes in girl’s track event and (surprise) some girls are not happy…

Trump needs to put the Twitter down, or at least stop making errors like this…

Trump ALSO took 9/11 money

Donald Trump is “a small man” for accepting $150,000 from a federal fund for small businesses hurt by the Sept. 11 attacks and should return the money or donate it to charity, a New York Democratic congressman said.

“In grabbing that money with both fists, you took it out of the pockets of small business owners in New York who were truly hurting,” Rep. Jerrold Nadler wrote in an open letter to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Nadler referenced reports earlier this year that the real estate billionaire accepted the money from the World Trade Center Business Recovery Grant program.

The lawmaker’s letter, posted on his campaign website and dated Thursday, represented the latest Democratic attempt to focus attention on Trump’s wealth. They’ve also repeatedly demanded that he release his income tax returns, which he has declined to do until IRS audits are finished.

Spokespeople for Trump’s campaign did not immediately return emailed requests for a response.

According to Nadler’s letter, Trump received the money from the grant program for one of his companies, 40 Wall Street LLC, which owns a Manhattan skyscraper.

Citing previous reports, Nadler said that Trump company had $26.8 million in annual revenue. The federal definition of small businesses is those that have earned less than $6 million, Nadler said.

Good. Lord.

RELATED: How a political outside with no party loyalty destroyed the Whigs…

Common sense is dead

Seattle University has put its dean on administrative leave following a student uproar over a liberal arts curriculum that they claim is “too Western.” The dean’s misdemeanors included recommending that students read a book by civil rights activist Dick Gregory entitled Nigger.

MORE: Seattle University Puts Dean On Leave After Protesters Claim Curriculum Too Western

Even by today’s blinkered standards of student activism,  SJW students have got this one horribly wrong. Nigger, Gregory’s 1964 autobiography which he co-wrote with Robert Lipsyte, is a modern civil rights classic.

Gregory’s book has sold over seven million copies and continues to be popular with African-Americans for its unflinching depiction of racial injustice at the height of the civil rights struggle. The book was digitally re-issued in 2011 by First One Digital Publishing in honor of Black History Month.

So is humor

A group of students at a western North Carolina high school built a wall made of boxes and blocked access to a common area, and their Latino classmates are upset.

The students were allowed into McDowell High School, about 100 miles northwest of Charlotte, on Wednesday to perform a prank as a teacher supervised them.

A photo of the wall with about 30 students standing in front of it was shared on Instagram and captioned, ‘We built the wall first.’

Worst prank ever.

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