When will the press force Hillary and Bernie to call off their goons?

What country is this?

It’s the victim fault! Just like when women get raped, right?

Women being attacked…

How is this acceptable?

Where is our perpetually offended press demanding the people supported by these animals calling for them to stop?

If Trump supporters were attacking people at Hillary rallies the media would be losing their mind.

Here they are

Trump rallies frequently feature violent confrontations between the candidate’s supporters and protestors. A black student was shoved out of one such event by a 75-year-old veteran in March, and a 15-year-old girl was pepper-sprayed at a rally in Wisconsin. A Connecticut man was arrested in April for threatening to bomb a Trump rally

The Huffington Post has kept a running tally of racist things that have happened at Trump events, and the list is long.

Again, these aren’t Trump supporters. They are Bernie/Hillary supporters.

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