Mark Cuban is just the sort of VP pick that could soothe the deep uneasiness Democrats ought to feel.

Cuban is not Sarah Palin, “the last looks-great-on-paper maverick running for vice president,” as my colleague Peter Weber put it. Cuban is a smart and savvy businessman who can talk about the modern American economy at least as well as any professional politician. And while he’s certainly outspoken — that’s part of his charisma — he’s also well spoken. None of that infamous Palin word salad from him. Plus, the Trump phenomenon suggests few voters prioritize deep Washington experience or policy chops. (Have they ever, really?)

Cuban is super-rich, and maybe that’s a problem for Democrats obsessed with inequality. But, again, Trump’s success suggests a huge chunk of voters can be persuaded to view that as a feature, not a bug. And Cuban is hardly the poster boy for inherited wealth. His father wasn’t worth $400 million like Fred Trump. Cuban is a guy from a middle-class Pennsylvania family who made it big through his own entrepreneurial efforts. That’s a great American story, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican or independent.

It’s hardly a stretch that a ticket with Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and possessor of more than a bit of smash-mouth swagger, might do far better among men than Clinton-Warren or Clinton-Some-Quite-Pleasant-Male-Cabinet-Secretary. Right now, Clinton’s huge edge with women is equally balanced out by a huge gap with men.

Clinton-Cuban also might be a bit more palatable for all those Republicans or lean-Republicans who despise Trump and really, really don’t want to vote for Hillary or leave the presidential box unchecked. After all, Cuban has expressed concern about the national debt and about government regulation hurting innovation, even recently writing an essay on the latter issue for the George W. Bush Institute. (Indeed, some #NeverTrumpers tried to get Cuban to run third party.) Cuban might even allow Democrats to peel off some Trump voters. Like Trump, Cuban is an outsider who supposedly “tells it like it.” Indeed, cartoonist Scott Adams — who uncannily predicted Trump’s continuing success — has mentioned Cubanas the perfect veep for Trump. Basically, Cuban is Trump without all the bigotry … and without the insane policies … and with probably more dough.

Six months ago, Mark Cuban on either major party ticket might have seemed like a crazy idea. It was only the last election, after all, that America rejected a super-rich businessman. But times are changing fast. Kanye West 2020 is looking more realistic by the moment.