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Alabama Board of Education member is seeking a confrontation with the Department of Education

When it comes to the national transgender restroom debate, Alabama is taking a back seat to Mississippi and North Carolina, at least for now.

With the Legislature out of session, the issue isn’t likely to percolate in the Statehouse halls anytime soon. But it could come up for discussion next month in Montgomery at the state Board of Education meeting.

One of the board members, Matthew Brown, suggests that the state require public school students to use whichever restroom corresponds to their biological sex as recorded on their birth certificate. Other board members have been silent on the matter, however, as has the Department of Education, led by new interim superintendent Philip Cleveland.

Brown is a lame duck, set to lose his seat in January next year after having been defeated for re-election in the GOP primary. But he’s going to request action on his suggestion during the June 9 board meeting.

Local school systems throughout the state are waiting and watching for the board’s next moves.

I say, bring it on.

We have to stand up to the federal government. Forget about the actual issue, the problem is how the President is demanding these confrontations take place.

Reminder: There are people that would like to see Alabama and other states lose their funding over this.

Cameron Smith asks some interesting questions, no one knows the answer to

The guidance leaves plenty of lingering questions about who gets to decide a child’s gender identity, how it’s demonstrated, and what it means for activities like athletics.

The letter requires “that when a student or the student’s parent or guardian, as appropriate, notifies the school administration that the student will assert a gender identity that differs from previous representations or records, the school will begin treating the student consistent with the student’s gender identity.”

Wait a minute.

So my seven-year-old son could unilaterally tell his school administration that he now identifies as a girl? That doesn’t seem right. Yes, he’s more likely to try to identify as a Transformer than a girl, but that isn’t the point. What happens if he decides he’d like to try out being a girl, but his mother and I object? We’re in a dangerous place when we are potentially allowing young minors to alter something as critical as gender without any parental engagement. That’s a critical decision point that apparently hinges on the ambiguous phrase “as appropriate.”

Watch out for those “Roy Moore supporters”

Speakers at a rally to support suspended Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore on Saturday took strong stances in the national controversy over transgenderism and public bathroom facilities.

They condemned President Barack Obama’s directive that public schools allow students to use restrooms and locker rooms that align with how their gender identity and not necessarily with their biological gender.

Kayla Moore, wife of the chief justice, touched on the transgender bathroom issue in her remarks to a cheering crowd.

“What business is it of Obama — I’m sorry, I have a hard time calling him the president — to say who or what can go into our bathrooms?” Kayla Moore said.

She later said her concern about the issue is based partly on the fact that she’s a grandmother.

“I have five little girls back home that call me ‘Grandma,'” she said. “And I will not stand by and see a man pretending to be a woman going to their restrooms in schools and locker rooms and other facilities.”

Hubbard’s trial starts tomorrow….

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard goes on trial starting Tuesday in a case that could not only end his once-soaring political career but also send him to prison.

Hubbard, 54, is scheduled to stand trial in Opelika on 23 felony violations of the state ethics law, allegations that he used his public offices for personal benefit.

Hubbard has maintained his innocence.

The Republican from Auburn called the case “a political witch hunt” shortly after a special grand jury in Lee County issued the indictment in October 2014.

Since then, his lawyers have fought to have the charges dismissed, without success.

Hubbard declined comment Friday on the advice of his lawyers.

Lee County Circuit Judge Jacob Walker placed lawyers on both sides in the case under a gag order in January.

Hubbard attorney Bill Baxley reiterated on Friday that there won’t be a last-minute plea bargain.

“There is no plea deal being considered,” Baxley said. “There’s never been one considered.”

There will be no conviction.

Hubbard, also, dropped his attempts to unmasks a member of the AG’s office (Matt Hart. probably) who posts online

House Speaker Mike Hubbard’s attorneys have dropped efforts to subpoena the Alabama Media Group to reveal the identities of two anonymous commenters to news stories on

Hubbard’s attorneys on Friday notified the court it is withdrawing its subpoena to the Alabama Media Group “as it is unnecessary at this time.”

Airport employees tagged this downed airliner

Ominous graffiti reading “We will bring this plane down” in Arabic was written underneath the EgyptAir jet that crashed en route from Paris to Cairo on Thursday morning, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

The note — which, at this point, is nothing more than a coincidence — is believed to have been written about two years ago by aviation workers at Cairo Airport who were sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, according to three Egyptian officials.

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