Cameron Smith destroys a whiny Mountain Brook elitist punk…

An idiot wrote this...

I am a young, white, wealthy, cisgender American man. I was in an almost entirely white, wealthy, American town, my home no less. But I couldn’t help but feel like I had had my first taste of what it must be like to be anything else in this country.


I cannot know what it is like to be black in America. I cannot know what it is like to be gay or to be a woman or to be an immigrant or to be anything other than what I am, but I now know what it feels to be “othered.”


That said, Mountain Brook, I love you. I forgive you. But please, for the sake of our country and our community, let us not reject our own.

He was serious.

He also whined about people pointing out how dumb it was…

Then, Cameron Smith destroyed him…

While I’m glad you’ve found it in your heart to forgive Mountain Brook for asking police to check out the two white guys with no shoes and good hair who happened to be walking near a school, you’re the one who needs to apologize.

You clearly implied that Officer Fischer would have behaved in some racist bigoted way if you were anything other than a card-carrying member of the Mountain Brook elite. If that’s an accusation you stand by, then quit hiding behind innuendo. If it’s not, then you owe him a real apology for publicly disparaging him.

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