Alabama Mornings’ ShowPrep for May 10th, 2016…

Bentley for Trump, kinda, which seems pretty fitting now

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley says he will be supporting Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee.

While other GOP leaders are hesitantly saying they will support whoever the Republican nominee is, others, perhaps most notably House Speaker Paul Ryan, are not ready to support the outspoken Trump.

“So, he will be the one that I support, and I will do whatever I can to help,” Bentley told the Raycom News Network.

In endorsing Trump, Governor Bentley did say he hopes Trump gets a running mate to quote, “compliment” him.

Gambling is still illegal in Alabama

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office initiated a major seize in illegal gambling machines Monday afternoon.

Capt. Mike Salomonsky said several machines have been recovered at Bama Jammer Mini Storage at 912 Winchester Rd. The exact count isn’t in yet, but deputies say there are more than 100.

Salomonsky said many of the machines were wrapped up in storage sheds. Investigators have learned about more locations, but those are smaller and have only a few other machines.

The investigation has led to some arrest warrants. Deputies say these will be executed as the investigation continues.

The find was a result of several factors. Salomonsky said they’re received tips and complaints from people losing their money. Deputies also found them as part of their regular patrol.

Mixed jobs news for North Alabama…

Hundred to lose jobs at Qualitest

Qualitest, which joined Endo in 2010, will reduce its Huntsville workforce by more than 300 jobs as part of an “accelerated restructuring of its Generics product and R&D portfolio, as well as its manufacturing facility network.”

“This restructuring is expected to result in approximately $60 million in net run rate cost savings in 2017 and is expected to result in the closure of the company’s facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a workforce reduction at its facility in Huntsville, Alabama,” the company said in a recent earnings release.

The restructuring should be complete by the end of the third quarter of 2017 and affect approximately 740 employees in both states.

Remington to ramp up hiring

Few details are known about how the Remington plant closure in Kentucky will affect employment at its newest facility in Huntsville.

The North Carolina gunmaker said Friday it will shut down its 20-year-old Mayfield, Ky., firearms facility. Work there will be moved to Remington’s Huntsville site, which makes modular sniper rifles, handguns and AAC silencers.

Jessica Kallam, spokeswoman for Remington, said it is not yet known how many of the Kentucky plant’s 200 positions will be moved to Alabama as it works to become more “organizationally focused and competitive.”

“At this time, we know we have impacted 200 jobs at our Kentucky facility and would expect fewer jobs to open at our Huntsville facility as part of this action is to improve our competitive position in the market,” she told

Gun-running teachers?

In December 2013, that teacher, 41-year-old Phillip Smith III, turned his attention to 14-year-old Ann, a freshman at Huffman High School in Birmingham. During a test, he pulled her desk close to his and addressed the class.

“He told everyone to keep their eyes on their paper,” Ann said. “He said, ‘If you look up, then I know you’re cheating.'”

A few minutes later, he returned with a note written in red ink that he slid onto her desk.

“Since you think you got it like that, come to my class seventh block, and pull down your pants and let me kiss your … it said the a-word” Ann recalled of the note. Smith offered to change her grade to an A or B.

Then he picked up the note, shredded it and tossed it in the trash can.

“I just kind of froze,” Ann said.

As she left the classroom, Smith leaned toward her and whispered, “You scared,” Ann said.

Ann panicked, and did not return later that day. Instead, she reported her teacher, who was ultimately caught sexually abusing another 14-year-old student and charged under Alabama’s sodomy and teacher sex laws.

She would come to find out that it wasn’t the first time Smith had gotten in trouble for dirty deals.

In 2002, Smith pled guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence and in 2004, he was convicted of dealing guns in a federal case investigated by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. At the time, he was teaching social studies at Wenonah High School.

Shockingly, a spokesman for Birmingham City Schools said the district never learned about his gun conviction, even though he took a seven-month leave of absence in 2006 and 2007 to serve his sentence in federal prison.

Between 2000 and 2004, Smith sold more than 100 guns without a license, and also kept several for himself, in violation of laws against gun ownership by those with domestic violence convictions, according to court documents. Authorities recovered several of Smith’s black market guns from Detroit.


Walking while black or people being protective of their community….

Last Saturday morning, I took a walk on Monarch Avenue, a Norman Rockwell-ish street in Crestline that stretches less than a mile from Haygood to a dead end just past Montavello. It was a beautiful day, comfortably cool with a warming sun—perfect for the few people I saw strolling with their dog, out for a brisk walk, or prepping their mower for the long-overdue lawn.

The street is just over a mile from where I live, so not long ago, I joined the neighborhood’s social network on Like many similar sites, it is a place where neighbors share what neighbors have shared from generations—things they’re trying to sell, opinions on local businesses, the minutes from neighborhood association meetings, missing pets and more.

It’s also a digital version of the traditional “neighbor watch.” People in the area alert each other of any break-ins, pranks, misdeeds, or anything untoward they see while peeking through the curtains—anything they deem suspicious.

I wasn’t on Monarch Avenue for the exercise, but because the night before, my phone lit up with an “urgent alert” (a feature that prompts the message to be sent to all neighborhood members immediately).

It read: Two young black guys walking up Monarch. No car in sight.

For real. You can imagine my reaction (Hint: the first two words were, “What the…”) I actually had to read it a couple of times, but then slipped the phone into my pocket.

I was having a wonderful evening attending the Birmingham Museum of Art’s 60th annual Ball, so I didn’t have time for this mess.  But later, I pulled my phone out and stared at it again. By this time the “alert” had generated 16 responses, as well as two “Thank you” clicks.

The mix of views was both heartening and alarming, which is pretty much how one may feel about the dialogue around race that occurs every day in America, all across our nation, and on every media platform, particularly social media, where cowards typically hide behind anonymity to spew hatred, ignorance and worse.

Southern baptists vs. Trump?

The war of words has erupted between presumptive Republican presidential nominee and an official with the Southern Baptist Convention.

The battle started when Russell Moore, head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, penned an op-ed for the New York Timessaying opposition to divisive figure such as Trump would put evangelical Christians “on the right side of Jesus.”

“The man on the throne in heaven is a dark-skinned, Aramaic-speaking “foreigner” who is probably not all that impressed by chants of “Make America great again,” Moore wrote.

Moore reiterated those comments during an appearance on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” when he said Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s popularity represents an embrace of “reality television moral sewage.”

“Now we have a Republican Party that seems ready not only to surrender on the culture wars but to join the other side. I mean what we have in the Donald Trump phenomenon, as well as in the Hillary Clinton phenomenon, is an embrace of the very kind of moral and cultural decadence that conservatives have been saying for a long time is the problem,” Moore said.

Trump breaks with GOP on taxes, joins Dems

Trump breaks with GOP on debt, joins Dems

Donald Trump declared Monday the U.S. never has to default on debt “because you print the money,” while trying to clarify his strategy for managing the national debt.

Trump insisted that he never said the U.S. should default or attempt to renegotiate with creditors, as had been reported.

“People said I want to go and buy debt and default on debt, and I mean, these people are crazy. This is the United States government,” Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.” “First of all, you never have to default because you print the money, I hate to tell you, OK?”

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee explained he would center his approach on debt buybacks if and when interest rates go up.
READ: Donald Trump: ‘I am the king of debt’

“I said if we can buy back government debt at a discount, in other words, if interest rates go up and we can buy bonds back at a discount — if we are liquid enough as a country, we should do that,” Trump said. “In other words, we can buy back debt at a discount.”

He also repeated his claim that he is “the king of debt.”

“I understand debt better than probably anybody. I know how to deal with debt very well. I love debt — but you know, debt is tricky and it’s dangerous, and you have to be careful and you have to know what you’re doing,” Trump said.

Trump breaks with GOP on minimum wage, joins Dems…

There is a theme here or not

Muslim terror attack in Munich

A German national stabbed four passengers at a train station near Munich early on Tuesday, killing one man and injuring three, in an attack police said appeared to have an Islamist motive.

Witnesses said the assailant, a 27-year-old man, shouted “Allahu Akbar” (‘God is Greatest’ in Arabic), according to police.

“The perpetrator made remarks during the attack which point to there being a political motive,” Bavarian police said in a statement, adding he had been arrested and there were no further suspects.

A 50-year-old died of stab wounds in hospital shortly after the attack. The other stabbed men, aged between 43 and 58, sustained lighter injuries, police said.

The attack took place at about 5 a.m. local time (0300 GMT) at the train station at Grafing, a commuter town about 32 km (20 miles) southeast of the Bavarian capital in southern Germany.

Did the WH try to dupe the press and the people on Iran, then brag about it? (Like they did on ObamaCare)

The White House on Monday worked to contain the damage caused by one of President Barack Obama’s closest aides, who, in a seemingly candid, behind-the-curtain magazine story, ripped the Washington press corps, boasted of creating an “echo chamber” of supporters to sell the Iran nuclear deal and appeared to dismiss long-time foreign policy hands, including Hillary Clinton, as the Blob.


The piece portrays Rhodes, Obama’s top foreign policy speechwriter and arguably one of his most influential aides, as singularly in tune with his boss’s thinking and narrowly focused on crafting a messaging machine to support it. It quotes Rhodes lamenting the ignorance of Washington reporters. (“They literally know nothing.”) And it describes Rhodes, a former aspiring novelist, as focused on crafting a storyline and dismissing facts that don’t fit.

Rhodes appears to try to keep secret news that Iran had seized 10 U.S. Navy sailors until after the president’s State of the Union speech. The article quotes Rhodes and his aides describing how they used social media, journalists and friendly interest groups to disseminate White House-generated talking points about the Iran deal.

“We created an echo chamber,” Rhodes said. “They were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.”

Rhodes sought to soften the remarks on the website Medium. Apost late Sunday included something of an overture to reporters he’s dismissed, saying the Iran deal had been well-covered and debated. He wrote that he didn’t try to dupe the press or spin Washington.

“It wasn’t ‘spin,’ It’s what we believed and continue to believe, and the hallmark of the entire campaign was to push out facts,” Rhodes wrote. “These were complicated issues.”

Why did your healthcare cost go up?

Don’t ask Hillary Clinton.

Maybe the answers are in her emails?


The State Department has not been able to locate emails sent and received by IT staffer Bryan Pagliano during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, according to a filing by the Republican National Committee, which is suing the Department for those records.

Pagliano has come under scrutiny over the past year for his role in setting up Clinton’s private email server — the existence of which has outraged Clinton’s critics and led to allegations she mishandled government information.

Pagliano refused to answer questions about the server when interviewed by a congressional committee last year, but accepted an immunity offer from the Justice Department in March. Since then, Pagliano has been interviewed by the FBI, which is investigating Clinton’s use of the private server.

The State Department first acknowledged the missing emails in December. On Monday, a State Department spokeswoman confirmed the emails are still missing.

“We are continuing to search for Mr. Pagliano’s e-mails which the Department may have otherwise retained,” said Elizabeth Trudeau, Director of the Office of Press Relations, adding that employees are responsible for archiving their official emails under the Federal Records Act.

The Clinton campaign did not respond to request for comment Monday.

Clinton Dodged On Whether FBI Will Question Her After Reports Confirmed They Will

Clinton Also Dodged On Whether The FBI Will Question Her As Part Of Their Investigation. CBS’s JOHN DICKERSON: “Let me ask you about developments in the investigation into your email server. Apparently the F.B.I. has– contacted your team in terms of talking to you. What can you tell us about that?” CLINTON: “No one has reached out to me yet, but last summer, I think last August, I made it clear I’m more than ready to talk to anybody, anytime. And I’ve encouraged– all of– you know, my– assistants and– to be– very forthcoming. And I hope that this is close to being wrapped up.” (CBS’s ” Face The Nation,” 5/8/16)

Click To Watch

CBS News Headline: “Hillary Clinton To Be Interviewed In FBI Email Investigation”(“Hillary Clinton To Be Interviewed In FBI Email Investigation,” CBS News, 5/6/16)

Clinton Will Be Interviewed By The FBI “Within The Coming Weeks…” “A source has confirmed to CBS News that Hillary Clinton will be interviewed by the FBI within the coming weeks, in connection with the investigation into her private email server.” (“Hillary Clinton To Be Interviewed In FBI Email Investigation,” CBS News, 5/6/16)

  • “One Of The Final And Most Anticipated Steps In The Probe Is An Interview Of The Former Secretary Of State.” “One of the final and most anticipated steps in the probe is an interview of the former secretary of state. The fact that Clinton is a presidential candidate active on the campaign trail presents some logistical challenges for the FBI, which has been quietly bringing witnesses into an FBI office without drawing attention.” (Evan Perez, Pamela Brown and Shimon Prokupecz, “First On CNN: FBI Interviews Clinton Aides Including Huma Abedin As Part Of Email Probe,” CNN, 5/5/16)

“Clinton’s Closest Aides” Have Been Interviewed By Federal Investigators. “Some of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides, including her longtime adviser Huma Abedin, have provided interviews to federal investigators, as the FBI probe into the security of her private email server nears completion, U.S. officials briefed on the investigation tell CNN.” (Evan Perez, Pamela Brown and Shimon Prokupecz, “First On CNN: FBI Interviews Clinton Aides Including Huma Abedin As Part Of Email Probe,” CNN, 5/5/16)

The FBI Has “Been Quietly Bringing Witnesses Into An FBI Office Without Drawing Attention.” “The fact that Clinton is a presidential candidate active on the campaign trail presents some logistical challenges for the FBI, which has been quietly bringing witnesses into an FBI office without drawing attention.” (Evan Perez, Pamela Brown and Shimon Prokupecz, “First On CNN: FBI Interviews Clinton Aides Including Huma Abedin As Part Of Email Probe,” CNN, 5/5/16)

 Never stop being Hillary.

On the last day of the legislative session last week, Alabama lawmakers passed a bill requiring the state to operate a driver’s license office in every county at least two days a week.

The bill, by Sen. Hank Sanders, D-Selma, passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 99-1 on Wednesday.

It had earlier passed the Senate by a vote of 24-3.

There was no immediate word from Gov. Robert Bentley’s office on whether he will sign it into law.

Bentley could let the bill die without his signature.

Last year, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency ignited a political firestorm when it announced it would stop driver’s license testing in 30 counties.

About one-third of the closed offices were in the predominantly poor, African-American counties in the Black Belt.

Sanders and others said the closings would disproportionately burden people in those counties by making it harder to get driver’s licenses, which many people also use for voter identification under the state’s photo ID law.

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