Alabama Mornings’ ShowPrep for May 6th, 2016…

Oh, this is not good…

H.W. Bush/Dole/W. Bush/Romney/McCain

Now Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday he cannot yet support presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“I’m just not ready to do that at this point. I’m not there right now,” the Wisconsin Republican told CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” in an interview.
Ryan’s position makes him the highest-level GOP official to reject Trump since the real estate mogul became the last candidate standing in the party’s nominating contest. His move gives down-ballot Republicans cover to hold off on supporting Trump. It could also keep his agenda in the House from being overtaken by Trump’s policy positions.

Ryan said he hopes to eventually back Trump and “to be a part of this unifying process.” The first moves, though, must come from Trump, he said.

Trump’s response…

“I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda. Perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the American people. They have been treated so badly for so long that it is about time for politicians to put them first!”

What are these guys doing?

Trump needs to unify the party, he can’t win without the party base.

He must stop attacking everyone who is critical of him. Take the high road.



Trump thinks he does great with Hispanics and often mentions Nevada to back it up…

About that:

We are only talking about the very small percent of Nevada Latinos who are Republican today. An overwhelming majority of Nevada Latinos are Democrats. In a recent poll asking about party identification, 55% of Latinos said they were Democrats, 29% said Independents and just 16% said they were Republicans.  Assuming the entrance poll is correct (a very big assumption) and Trump won 44% of Latino Republicans, that means he was supported by about 7% of Latinos in Nevada (44% of 16 = 7.04).  What that mean is that most likely, 93% of Latinos in Nevada did not vote for Trump.

Bentley’s trip under scrutiny

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) has given Gov. Robert Bentley far more money than any other governor since Bentley and his former adviser and alleged mistress Rebekah Mason attended RGA’s annual conference in Las Vegas in November.

The RGA made a one-time payment of over $11,000 to Bentley on March 14, three months after it doled out travel reimbursements of no more than $1,307 to six other Republican governors, IRS records show.

None of the nation’s other 24 Republican governors have received travel reimbursements from the RGA since the November event, according to the IRS documents.

And while the RGA reimbursed six of his colleagues’ travel by making the payments to employees of their state offices, the Bentley payment was made to his campaign committee, despite the fact that he cannot run for governor again.

Bernie Sanders supporters are terrible, this guy is worse

A disabled South Carolina woman who is Feeling the Bern got burned by a tow truck driver who refused to tow her car following an accident because she supports the Vermont senator’s Democratic bid for president.

“He said, ‘I can’t tow you … you’re a Bernie supporter,'” Cassy McWade, who has a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on her car, told the Huffington Post about her encounter with Ken Shupe, the owner of Shupee Max Used Cars & Towing. “I was like, ‘Wait, are you serious? You’re kidding me.'”

Shupe, 51, wasn’t kidding. The Donald Trump supporter said he’s had problems with customers who were Sanders supporters not paying him for his services.

“I’ve had some horrible experiences in the last six months with towing cars for this mindset [of] individuals, in that I don’t get paid,” he told WLOS in Greenville, S.C. “They want to argue about a $50 tow bill, and it turns into just a drama and a fuss. And I said, you know, I’m not going to associate with them, and I’m not going to do any business with them.”

McWade, 25, got into an accident near Asheville, North Carolina, when she called for a tow. She said she suffers from psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and early-stage Crohn’s disease and that her local mechanic told Shupe that she’s disabled. Shupe disputed that account, but said he still would not have towed McWade if he knew about her conditions.

“Had she been disabled, would I have towed her car? No ma’am. I would have pulled forward and sat there with her to make sure she was OK until another wrecker service showed up to get her home safely, but I still would not have towed her car,” he said. “I stand by my decision, and I would do it again today if the opportunity presented itself.”

Obama commutes 58 people, none named Don Seigelman

President Barack Obama on Thursday commuted the sentence of 58 federal inmates, including one from Alabama.

Jerome Lee Menefee, 40, whose hometown is listed as Montgomery, was convicted of possession with intent to distribute cocaine base out of a federal court in the central district of California, according to the White House announcement.

Menefee had been sentenced to 20 years in prison, followed by 10 years of supervised release on Oct. 24, 2005. According to the federal Bureau of Prisons website Menefee was set to be released on Aug. 21, 2022 from the Oakdale Federal Correctional Institution in Louisiana.

But now with the commutation, his sentence is to end Sept. 2, 2016, according to the White House press release.

Court records on Menefee’s charges, conviction, and sentence could not be located Thursday in federal online court filings.

Joe Paterno is way worse of a person than we thought

What former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno knew and when he knew it as at the heart of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal, and a potentially explosive additional bit of evidence came to light Thursday.

A court document filed as part of an insurance coverage case involving Penn State and obtained by mentions a 1976 abuse complaint against Sandusky, of which Paterno was reportedly informed. It also cites incidents in 1987 and 1988 regarding Sandusky that unnamed Penn State assistants allegedly witnessed.

Previously, it was believed that Paterno — who died in 2012 — did not learn of allegations of abuse by Sandusky until 2002. But the evidence uncovered Thursday indicates he might have had reason to believe such crimes were occurring more than a quarter-century earlier.

From the PennLive report:

One of Penn State’s insurers has claimed “in 1976, a child allegedly reported to PSU’s Head Coach Joseph Paterno that he (the child) was sexually molested by Sandusky.”

The order also cites separate references in 1987 and 1988 in which unnamed assistant coaches witnessed inappropriate contact between Sandusky and unidentified children, and a 1988 case that was supposedly referred to Penn State’s athletic director at the time.

Sandusky, now 72, was convicted in 2012 of 45 counts of child sexual abuse and is currently serving a 30-to-60-year sentence. He recently had his appeal heard before a Pennsylvania court, and continues to profess his innocence.

Stupid couple gets help

Remember the British woman who garnered international attention after mistaking Birmingham, Alabama for Birmingham, England when planning a surprise trip to Las Vegas for her boyfriend’s birthday?

Well, soon there will be no confusion.

During their upcoming trip to the United States, Richella Heekin and her boyfriend, Ben Marlow, will get to visit and become properly acquainted with Birmingham, Ala.

“I think it is just a great chance for us to demonstrate to people in Birmingham, England and throughout the UK that Birmingham (Alabama) is a worthy tourist destination in its own right,” said Tom Cosby, a retired Birmingham businessman. “Certainly, it was a heart-warming story to find out how this young woman made an honest mistake, a mistake that many other people have made.”

When Iron City hosted popular British band Arctic Monkeys in 2013 at least 12 residents of England mistakenly bought tickets to the show, according to the music venue.

Cosby is arranging the couple’s trip with the assistance of the Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau and several of Magic City’s popular tourist attractions. Merrill Stewart of Stewart Perry Constriction Company is paying for the couple’s airfare to Birmingham.

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