Alabama Mornings’ ShowPrep for May 2nd, 2016…

Who knows what is happening in Indiana…

National media:

Indiana media:

Hooray! Take what you want from it.

Meanwhile, sitting Senators laugh about being Trump’s running mate

For others, the singular experience of being vice president in a Trump administration is still hard to imagine. Buttonholed on Capitol Hill last week, two prominent Republican senators, Tim Scott of South Carolina and Susan Collins of Maine, almost giggled when asked if they would be Mr. Trump’s running mate.

“I’m not waiting by my phone,” Ms. Collins said.

Mr. Scott, whose appeal as a black Republican could be an advantage for Mr. Trump, repeatedly sidestepped whether he would be willing to run with Mr. Trump. Finally, asked if he would not rule himself out, he replied, “I’m not ruling myself in.”

And the next 1st lady gets booed…

Here is the cold hard truth…

You show up, you win…

But it’s rigged!

Cops under attack…

Governor Siegelman seems like he’s a terrible prisoner

Former Alabama governor Don Siegelman was sent back into solitary confinement after being interviewed for a Washington Post article this week, the newspaper reported.

Siegelman, now 70, is incarcerated at a federal correctional institution in Oakdale, La. He was transferred into solitary after the story appeared online Monday, his son Joseph Siegelman told the Post.

Bureau of Prisons officials did not confirm to the Post whether the ex-governor is in solitary confinement but said the allegation that he was punished for talking to a reporter is false.

Siegelman was interviewed by phone on April 22 for a story about former Virginia governor Robert McConnell, who was convicted on public corruption charges in 2014. The Supreme Court reviewed McConnell’s case Wednesday.

Siegelman was convicted by a federal court in 2006 on bribery, conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges after being accused of appointing former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy to a health planning board in return for a $500,000 donation to the governor’s campaign for a statewide lottery.

He has seen numerous appeals rejected, and, in January, the U.S. Supreme Court said it would not review his case after a lower appeals court rejected his request for a new sentencing hearing and trial.

He is set for release on Aug. 8, 2017.

Why is the media engaging this stupidity about ice in coffees

Coffee conglomerate Starbucks is being sued for $5 million over the amount of ice the drink-maker puts in its iced beverages.

According to The Telegraph, Stacy Pincus filed a 29-page complaint in Northern Illinois Federal Court in Chicago last week. Pincus alleges that Starbucks customers are being misled because the company’s iced drinks contain just over half the drink they are paying for.

“A Starbucks customer who orders a Venti cold drink receives only 14 fluid ounces of that drink – just over half the advertised amount, and just over half the amount for which they are paying,” the complaint reads.

Pincus said in the complaint that a customer who orders a Venti iced coffee will only receive about 14 fluid ounces of iced coffee even though they are expected to receive 24 fluid ounces as Starbucks advertises.

“In essence, Starbucks is advertising the size of its cold drink cups on its menu, rather than the amount of fluid a customer will receive when they purchase a cold drink — and deceiving its customers in the process,” the complaint added.

The lawsuit she filed is a class action on behalf of anyone who has ordered an iced-beverage from a Starbucks shop in the last 10 years.

ObamaCare continues to be a huge success

A new Gallup survey shows 15 percent of Americans name healthcare costs as the most pressing financial problem facing their families.

Following worries about healthcare costs, Americans cite as top financial concerns low pay, debt, college costs and housing costs.

Thirteen percent of Americans cited low pay as a pressing financial worry. Debt and college expenses were named by nine percent of Americans as their most pressing money worry with eight percent citing housing costs.

The results are from Gallup’s annual Economy and Personal Finance Poll. The survey was taken April 6-10.

While healthcare costs top the list of financial concerns for Americans as a whole, it is not the top financial concern of Americans who report they have enough money to live comfortably.

Black guy uses n-word in public conversation with another black guy

That wasn’t funny.

Oh, Larry Wilmore was rolling along just fine riffing on Wolf Blitzer and Donald Trump’s campaign rallies and such until he dropped the N-word on the president of the United States.

I’m sure the black comedian meant it affectionately, like the fellas do when they’re just kickin’ it at a bar or a ball game.

But some people don’t think it is ever appropriate to use the word, much less when it involves the President.

No one should care, don’t take the bait.

“How come they can and we can’t?” Because you can’t.

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