Alabama Mornings’ ShowPrep for April 29th, 2016…

Impeachment seems to be lurching forward

The move by the Alabama House to impeach Gov. Robert Bentley gained renewed momentum today, with 22 members agreeing to co-sponsors articles of impeachment.

Eleven members had signed the original articles, including Alabama Rep. Mike Ball, R-Huntsville. But the House voted on rules Tuesday spelling out how the impeachment process would work.

Among those rules was a requirement that 21 signatures – not 10 as originally proposed – would be required in order for the articles to be presented to the House Judiciary Committee for investigation. This morning, Ball told WHNT News 19 they’ve reached a total of 22 and the articles could be presented to the committee today. A total of 23 signatures ended up on the articles.

Alabama Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle, has been the lead sponsor of the impeachment articles. Henry said Tuesday the vote upping the number of signatures had placed the impeachment move in limbo. Now, Rep. Henry tells WHNT News 19 he believes the tide is turning and more legislators are getting on board. He’s happy to see the impeachment process back on track.

“There is doubt within the Legislature as to whether the ethics commission or Attorney General’s office will do the due diligence to investigate the evidence before us of willful neglect of duty or corruption in office,” he told WHNT News 19.

The impeachment articles accuse Bentley – who’s been embroiled in a scandal involving his relationship with his former top political advisor Rebekah Caldwell Mason – of willful neglect of duty, and possible corruption in office including misuse of state resources.  This latest version of the articles removes previous language about “moral turpitude.”

Legislators want to look at “Wanda’s desk”

Rep. Ed Henry, a Republican who moved to impeach Bentley in the first place, and Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow, a Democrat who has become the biggest thorn in the governor’s side since Spencer Collier, now demand an examination of the office of Bentley’s former executive assistant, Wanda.”

The letter is a follow up to one Morrow wrote last week in which he asked “What were you and Rebekah Caldwell Mason doing that required that Wanda’s desk be moved and that the door be locked.”

This one goes farther.

“We want to visit Wanda’s office to see where the desk was located,” Morrow wrote the governor in a letter signed by both men.

Prisons may get built, afterall…

Mac McCutcheon’s road tax appears to be dead, but a BP settlement deal has been made…

Malcontents in Vestavia Hills have cost the district $30,000… for nothing.

Some $30,000 of taxpayer money will be spent in Vestavia Hills to rebrand the old Vestavia Hills Rebel Man into something less … divisive. The board of education hired the firm Knight Eady to get it done – agreeing to pay them a $6,000 branding fee plus $1,500 a month for 16 months to do it.

So — $18,000 into the project — this is what they came up with. The 1Rebel mark.
“When you play one Rebel, you play us all,” Knight Eady wrote in an update to the Vestavia Hills Board of Education. “The concept sheds light on values such as unity, excellence, pride and school spirit.”

Knight Eady produced a video to go along with it, arguing dramatically that “No mascot or character can adequately represent what it means to be a Vestavia Hills Rebel, because only we can truly personify what that encompasses. Our traditions and values will remain the foundation of the school.”

Bernie Sanders’ wife is not thrilled with the speed in which Hillary’s e-mails are being investigated…


Trump chaos continues…

If you didn’t raise the minimum wage, you guessed it, you are a super-racist

The Alabama NAACP, low wage workers and advocates are suing the state’s governor and attorney general over a law that blocked a planned minimum wage increase in Birmingham.

The complaint was filed in U.S. District Court Thursday and lists Gov. Robert Bentley and Attorney General Luther Strange as defendants.

Bentley in February signed a law requiring a uniform minimum wage of $7.25 throughout Alabama after Birmingham City Council passed an ordinance that would have eventually raised the city’s hourly minimum wage to $10.10.

The lawsuit alleges the Republican-backed legislation was racially motivated. Plaintiffs are seeking a declaratory judgment that would prohibit the legislation from being enforced and allow Birmingham’s wage increase to move forward.

Strange says his office will vigorously defend state law. Bentley wasn’t

What the hell is happening in Cullman?

They gave the morons who mistook Birmingham, AL for Birmingham, England get a free trip to Vegas

A British couple thought their trip of a lifetime was ruined when they arrived to the Birmingham, England airport expecting to hop a flight to Las Vegas, but instead learned their flight was departing from Birmingham, Alabama.

Richella Heekin and Ben Marlow, however, received some amazing news after their sad tale went viral this week.

Virgin Holidays has offered the couple free flights and five nights of accommodations in Las Vegas, the Daily Mail reported.

A man was having a relationship with a mother and her son, he killed both of them

In a preliminary hearing today for the three men charged in the death of Nicholas Hawkins, attorneys and police revealed that one of the men had a relationship with Hawkins.

Joshua Adam Reese, who the other defendants and the Walker County sheriff have pointed to as the shooter in the 19-year-old’s death, was involved in a relationship with Hawkins and the teen’s mother, Daphne Webb.

District Attorney Bill Adair said he couldn’t comment on the two relationships or if they presented a motive in the killing.

Adair asked Dora police Chief Jared Hall about the relationship between Reese and Hawkins, and Hall confirmed that the two were in a romantic relationship. Reese’s attorney Justin Forrester asked Hall about the relationship between Reese and Webb, which the chief also confirmed.

Hall said that sometime on Sunday, February 14, Reese met up with his sister, mother, and another family member. After Reese’s mother asked her son if he knew anything about Hawkins’ disappearance, she said that Reese made a throat-slitting motion and imitated pumping a shotgun.

Lane Cake finally gets it’s proper place in Alabama history…

SO dumb.

Who does JEB! think he is helping here?

What a complete moron…

Johnny Manziel is done…

What does Wal-Mart think about transgender

Walmart isn’t commenting on its policy regarding transgender people and bathroom use.

As controversy swirls around Target’s announcement that transgender shoppers and employees can use the dressing room and restroom of their choice, other major retailers are facing questions as to their own policies.

The big one is: Will Wal-Mart follow in Target’s footsteps?

So far, the nation’s largest retail is staying mum on the topic.

Walmart did not respond to requests on its policy regarding transgender shoppers and employees.

The company added transgender employees to its non-discrimination policy in 2011, a move Walmart said was designed to protect workers against discrimination and harassment based on gender identity and gender expression. That hasn’t stopped LGBT-rights groups from criticizing the retailer, however, citing instances of intolerance against gay and transgender employees.

Walmart denies those claims, pointing to the formation of its Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Associate Resource Groups.

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