“Love trumps hate!” -Your next President

She just said that, and this race is over.

Trump vs. Hillary?

She wins and we all lose.

GOP loses the Senate and probably, but not certainly, the House.

“I’m a unifier. I unify people,” he said. “That’s how I did it in business. … We will have people that are backing this party and backing my candidacy that you wouldn’t believe. We’re going to have such unity.”

Here are some OTHER crazy things Trump said…

Yes, women love Trump!


Asked if they would prefer to see a Democratic president or a Republican president regardless of who the nominees are, 52 percent of female voters chose the Democratic option while 36 percent chose the Republican option. That’s a net advantage of 16 percentage points for the Democratic candidate.

But plug in the names “Hillary Clinton” and “Donald Trump” and the gap gets even wider.

In that hypothetical matchup, just 31 percent of women said they would chose Trump, while 58 percent said they would chose Clinton. That’s a net advantage of 27 points for Clinton.

Trump makes that gap worse.

Trump also thinks he will win New York.

Yes, Trump will win New York.

Facts: This is moronic. No Republican is winning New York.

Sanders got more votes than he did and almost more than the whole GOP field

Republican Primary

Trump won New York.
Donald J. Trump 524,932
John Kasich 217,904
Ted Cruz 126,151
Other 0 0.0 —
868,987 votes, 99% reporting (14,966 of 15,067 precincts)

Democratic Primary

Clinton won New York.
Hillary Clinton 1,054,083
Bernie Sanders 763,469
1,817,552 votes, 99% reporting (15,007 of 15,067 precincts)

Support the guy, love the chaos, DREAM for something that won’t happen

The first is basically an early Christmas for Republicans. Trump holds all the red states that Romney won in 2012 and flips Colorado, Ohio, Nevada, Iowa, New Mexico, Minnesota, Virginia, and Florida. Right now Clinton leads in most of those states, but her lead doesn’t appear to be insurmountable.

Or embrace the slaughter that is coming….

The second scenario is the best case for Democrats. Trump doesn’t convert any blue states that Obama won in 2012, and North Carolina flips Democrat in 2016. This outcome is much more plausible than the first scenario if Clinton runs to the middle while Trump maintains his current tone and tactics.

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