Alabama Mornings’ ShowPrep for April 20th, 2016…

Trump Train rolls on

The Queens-born, Manhattan-made Mr. Trump was poised to take most of the 95 Republican delegates at stake, substantially adding to his current lead over Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and significantly improving his chances of winning the Republican nomination. Mr. Cruz came away with no delegates, a major setback, while Gov. John Kasich of Ohio had a shot at picking up some in Manhattan and the capital region.

Is this real?

“We don’t have much of a race anymore,” he told hundreds of supporters celebrating at his Midtown Manhattan skyscraper on Tuesday night. “Senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.”

But for all his bravado, Mr. Trump’s recent actions betray a recognition that he has reached a pivotal moment in his quest for the White House. Installing political veterans atop his campaign, committing to an eight-figure budget for the duration of the primary, and at least trying to impose a measure of discipline on himself, he appears mindful that if he does not improve his performance in the final six weeks of voting, he risks having the nomination snatched from his grasp.

“He ran a wonderfully effective guerrilla war, and after Wisconsin he came to the realization that it was not going to be enough to get him to the nomination,” said Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, who has praised but not endorsed Mr. Trump. “So now he has to make a transition.”

Bernie heads home, Hillary heads to the White House…

Mrs. Clinton’s decisive victory ended a string of wins by Mr. Sanders and gave her more delegates than her advisers expected. Her base of support was Long Island, the five boroughs, and upstate cities, with female and black and Hispanic voters turning out for her in especially strong numbers.

Real winner? Hillary Clinton.

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample MoE
Clinton (D)
Trump (R)
RCP Average 3/24 – 4/14 48.8 39.5 Clinton +9.3
NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl 4/10 – 4/14 1000 RV 3.1 50 39 Clinton +11
FOX News 4/11 – 4/13 1021 RV 3.0 48 41 Clinton +7
CBS News 4/8 – 4/12 1098 RV 3.0 50 40 Clinton +10
McClatchy/Marist 3/29 – 3/31 1066 RV 3.0 50 41 Clinton +9
IBD/TIPP 3/28 – 4/2 819 RV 3.5 47 35 Clinton +12
PPP (D) 3/24 – 3/26 1083 RV 3.0 48 41 Clinton +7

Remington can be sued because a monster behaved monstrously

They claimed the gunmaker and sellers knew that civilians are unfit to operate the assault rifle and yet continue selling it to civilians, disregarding the threat the gun poses.

That last week’s decision by Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis refusing to dismiss the case — a ruling hailed by anti-assault-weapon advocates — was just the first step in a very long legal process.

Under the state’s civil law procedure, the next step in the case is the discovery process, in which the plaintiffs request information from the defendants.

More gambling in Alabama?


The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Billy Beasley, D-Clayton, would have “confirmed” that the casino in Shorter, which has battled state authorities over its standing, could have electronic bingo. The procedural motion, called a budget isolation resolution (BIR), fell about two votes short of the three-fifths margin needed to pass. 14 senators voted for it; 13 voted against it.

The vote comes about a week after a constitutional amendment aimed at protecting Greenetrack in Greene County fell short of passage in the Senate. Both bills aimed to put a current hands-off policy on gambling enforcement by state officials into state law; the votes effectively doom the Senate versions of the bill for the current session.

Similar bills are pending in the House.

VictoryLand owner Milton McGregor says he still plans to reopen sometime in the summer, and Beasley said after the vote that would reflect the desires of Macon County voters, who approved an amendment in 2003 authorizing bingo.

“The folks in Macon County knew they were voting on electronic bingo,” Beasley said after the vote.

The legislation was also a response to the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, which operates electronic bingo at casinos in Atmore, Montgomery, and Wetumpka. The federally-recognized tribe can operate gambling classified as Class II, which includes bingo, without a state compact.

They aren’t taking…

FACTS don’t stop pretend outrage…

Drip… Drip… Drip…

The complaint, filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court, recaps many allegations Collier made at a news conference last month shortly after his removal as ALEA secretary and adds to the controversy surrounding the governor over his personal and professional relationships with staff members.

Collier alleges in the lawsuit the governor ordered Collier “to commit a crime” by telling him to not submit an affidavit as requested by the Attorney General’s Office and to tell the office an investigation into grand jury leaks in the case was ongoing.

“Collier chose to follow the law and his responsibilities as a law enforcement officer and disobeyed Bentley’s unlawful orders,” the complaint says. “Collier, with input from his counsel and the Governor’s legal adviser, provided a truthful affidavit to the Alabama Attorney General’s Office. Upon learning of Collier’s submission of the affidavit, Bentley and Mason became furious with Collier.”

Bentley respond

“Mr. Collier was terminated of his duties at ALEA for cause,” Bentley said. “Once the facts and circumstances become public, I am confident that the justification for terminating him will be shown. We will aggressively defend this lawsuit.”

Bentley fired Collier last month after he said an internal investigation and ALEA turned up possible misuse of state funds.

More bad ObamaCare news

The nation’s largest private insurer, UnitedHealth Group, will no longer offer Alabama plans on the marketplace set up under the Affordable Care Act, according to an official at the Alabama Department of Insurance.

Mark Fowler, chief of staff for the Alabama Department of Insurance, said the agency was notified verbally yesterday of the insurance company’s plans to leave the state. United officials announced earlier today that it would leave marketplaces in all but a handful of states.

“As you know, we have been evaluating public exchanges on a state-by-state basis,” said United CEO Stephen Hemsley. “We have maintained a regular public dialogue with you since November about the individual exchange market, and how our own experience and performance have been unfavorable in these markets. The smaller overall market size and shorter term, higher risk profile within this market segment continue to suggest we cannot broadly serve it on an effective and sustained basis. Next year, we will remain in only a handful of states, and we will not carry financial exposure from exchanges into 2017.”

The insurance giant cited bigger-than-anticipated losses on its marketplace plans. Customers in the first years of the exchange have been older and sicker than predicted.

The loss of United means that customers in 60 of the state’s counties will only have access to plans from one insurance company, according to an analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Consumers in seven counties will have two insurance companies to choose from.

Flint Water Crisis charges…

Kanye West is human garbage

West says he never owned a phone until one day in 2011 he heard Kim was engaged to the basketball player Kris Humphries. (Kim and Kris’ infamous marriage ended after 72 days.)

After that, he got a phone and texted Kim ugly pictures of old basketball stars.

Terrible person.

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