RNC changes delegate rules for Donald Trump…


More BREAKING NEWS – RNC caves to Trump. The RNC has caved to pressure from the Trump camp after Donald Trump complained about the primaries being rigged. Trump claimed that the results should reflect the vote. Consequently, The RNC announced today that all primary rules would be changed to reflect the vote in each state. As a result, delegate totals in SC (winner take all state) have changed from 50 delegates for Trump to 17 since he only received 32.5% of the vote. Also, Trump will only receive 46 delegates from Florida (winner take all state) instead of 99 having obtained 45.7% of the vote. Trump’s delegate total from Arizona (winner take all) will be reduced from 58 to 27 having had only 47% of the vote. Trump complained that the RNC was stealing the election. Trump’s delegate count will be reduced by 117. Trump promised to file a lawsuit because the RNC was stealing delegates. Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity complained that the RNC was corrupt.


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