Internet Tough Guys vs. rank-and-file state employees…

The media is populated by phony Internet Tough Guys like’s plagiarist (one of many employed there) and phony Kyle Whitmire…

No, he wouldn’t have. No one would have.

Acting ALEA Secretary Stan Stabler says that he got permission from up the chain of command to use the state helicopter. The man he says OK’d the flight, now-former Sec. Spencer Collier, says that isn’t true.

But what does that matter, either?

All these folks are public employees. The governor might be their boss, but they work for you — the Alabama taxpayer. When a governor calls his bodyguard to fetch his wallet and bring it to the beach, there’s only one right answer to that request.

“Governor, why don’t you get your own damn wallet?”

The staff is not to blame here, the Governor is to blame for not acknowledging this happened whether he knew it or not. The minute he found out he should have let the public know and let the public know it would NEVER happen again.

The press is hunting scalps, not just the Governor’s, because they are vengeful beta-males looking to justify their existence.

Whit-liar is right on one thing…

What the governor should have done is open up that wallet, the moment it hit his hand, and pay back the people of Alabama what it cost to fetch it. Instead, he seems to have bought a cheeseburger, or something.

Back to absurdity…

1st from the Governor:

“You have to have your wallet for security reasons,” he told reporters Thursday. “I’m the governor. And I had to have money. I had to buy something to eat. You have to have identification.”

Then by Whit-liar…

You have to have identification. This is the man who, months later, attempted to close 31 drivers license offices, which would have left 28 Alabama counties without a place to get one.

You almost start feeling bad for the Governor. Almost.

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