Alabama Mornings’ ShowPrep for April 15th, 2016…

It’s rigged!

An angry Donald Trump supporter in Colorado set fire to his Republican party registration card. The Democratic superdelegates supporting Hillary Clinton are fielding an influx of calls and emails from frustrated Bernie Sanders supporters putting pressure on them to switch candidates.

The rise of anti-establishment candidates like Sanders and Trump has thrown into sharp relief the mess of rules and processes deliberately designed to keep these candidates from clinching the nomination. For these voters, and the many more across the political spectrum just waking up to the ground rules of the highest-stakes game in the country, the primary races can seem horribly unfair.

“Why should the states, the party organizations and the voters go through all the hype, expense and time to have a primary when the party poobahs make the ultimate decision,” said Don Grafues, one of more than 300 readers who responded to a Guardian callout on voter dissatisfaction with the primary process.

It’s not.

The SuperDelegate process on the Democratic side is ridiculous but these are political parties, they have rules.

Stop whining.

If the Republicans had a debate like Democrats had last night, we would be hearing about “Republican Civil War” and conversations about “tone”…

Fight for $15!

Can we admit that they choose $15 because if sounds better than “Fight for $11”?

Some in the medai think that there is no reason to release transcripts of Hillary’s speeches…

It’s strong to keep them private!

Why is Regions bank apologizing for this?

A video showing a racially fueled verbal attack at a Montgomery Regions Bank ATM on Tuesday afternoon is making waves on social media.

The original video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views since first being posted to Facebook the same afternoon.

“Regions is shocked and appalled by this,” bank spokesman Jeremy King said of the incident in a written statement. “We take the safety of our customers very seriously, and we do not tolerate this type of behavior in our branches or on our property.”

They didn’t do it.

Montgomery police spokeswoman Lt. Denise Barnes said she was aware of the video, but the incident wasn’t reported to police.

Regions Bank confirmed the incident occurred at around 5 p.m. on Tuesday at the branch location at Eastdale Mall in Montgomery. The branch was closed at the time.

Arnita Robbins, who posted the video on Facebook, wrote the racial tirade started “all because (the white male bank customer) wanted to wait in his car instead of line.”

She also wrote: “When they said racism doesn’t still exist, they LIED!!!”

No one said that.

Here is the horrible situation…

The video recorded by a bystander shows an older white man, who was apparently in a hurry, confronting a black woman at the ATM.  The man launches into a vulgar, verbal attack and uses a racial slur against the woman.

King said Regions Bank is “taking every action we can to properly, and promptly, address this matter.”

Regions has spoken with the woman in the video and offered support and assistance to her, he said. Bank officials have also spoken to the man in the video.

“Due to privacy laws, we are limited in what we can share, but in a situation in which a customer verbally abuses another customer or a Regions associate, we close that customer’s account,” King said.

A complete timeline of the Corey Lewandowski vs. Michelle Fields….

Absurd behavior by the Trumpers who continue to pretend Lewandowski is some hero here…

Yes, there are no charges, that hardly makes him right.

Oh, and just for fun, here is Trump’s favorite Bible verse…

It’s a story about avoiding tit-for-tats, he of course is lying because he is constantly whining about how other people “start it” and how he must respond.

What a liar. Lying’ Donald.

Will you pay more for American products?


Now explain to me how American companies will fare when Trump forces them to come home?

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