Alabama Mornings’ ShowPrep for April 12th, 2016…

Happy Equal Pay Day!

Here is the reality in a couple of simple stats

Overall student body at Alabama?

  • 55% are women
  • 45% are men

At the University of Alabama’s engineering school?

GENDER (Undergraduate Only)

Male     – 76 percent
Female – 24 percent

How about a profile for a teacher…

1986: Male       31
Female  69

2011: Male        16
Female   84

Draw your own conclusions… unless you are a woman, in that case, have a man help you.

Bentley is confused…

Maybe he needs a doctor

Governor Robert Bentley (R-AL), who has been mired in a sex scandal for weeks, has recently begun apologizing to the people of Alabama for his inappropriate relationship with his former senior advisor Rebekah Caldwell Mason. But one Birmingham psychologist says he could not be doing it any worse.

Known as “Dr. Josh,” Joshua C. Klapow is a clinical psychologist who works extensively with local television and radio outlets in the dissemination of health promotion and preparedness information.

“Gov. Bentley has two kinds of relationships, personal and public,” Klapow said. “The details of his personal relationships have been made public and therefore are a part of of his public relationship.


Liberal colleges are destroying themselves…

Senator Cory Gardner points out that the delegate process is not that complicated…

It’s also not unique. Louisiana does this as well.

This isn’t that complex

While voters in other states registered their support for a presidential candidate, Republicans in Colorado could only vote for county-level delegates. Those county delegates would, in turn, select the delegates who will ultimately choose the party’s nominee at its national convention in Cleveland this summer.

Yes, there was a vote and Trump just ignored it.

More refugees…

Only 15% of Muslims support terrorism, 33% support a caliphate and 35% of Muslims think the Jews have too much power and that is reported as a positive thing

Notably, the poll also found little support for terrorism, with 85 percent saying they condemn those who take part in suicide attacks, and 67 percent saying they opposed the Islamic State’s attempts to create a caliphate.

The divergence between British Muslims and other British citizens on key issues is hard to deny, however. As Phillips noted in an article for the Daily Mail newspaper, just 9 percent of non-Muslim Britons agree with the idea that Jews held too much power, compared with 35 percent of British Muslims surveyed in his poll. He pointed to another figure to help explain this: A fifth of British Muslims have apparently not entered the home of a non-Muslim friend in the past year.


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