Alabama Mornings’ ShowPrep for April 7th, 2016…

Alabama’s Governor is shutting down dissenters on FB

Gov. Robert Bentley was hit with a wave of criticism after audio tapes revealed he made salacious comments to then-chief political advisor Rebekah Caldwell Mason. Much of that criticism found its way to social media, including on Gov. Bentley’sofficial state-run Facebook page.

But if you want to read those comments, you’re out of luck.

In the past, users could see their own comments as well as those of others on the page. Now, the governor’s Facebook page will accept comments but they don’t show up underneath the stories. The only thing you can see is how many comments were made.

The governor’s office didn’t respond to questions about the change, which appears to have taken place last weekend.

That’s not how the Internet works, Governor.

Fallout from “Indian Grandfather BEATING!” police case in Madison continues

But the judge on Feb. 24 came back and announced a new federal investigation, this one of Chief Muncey for criminal contempt of court.

Muncey is accused of communicating with witnesses during the first trial, contrary to the court’s order.

Specifically, while the first trial was underway, Muncey quizzed officers who testified in support of Parker, emailed requests that officers justify their testimony in support of Parker, and sent another officer to the trial to observe after he could no longer attend.

Muncey and his senior officer Capt. Terrell Cook are scheduled to face a contempt hearing on April 12 at the federal courthouse in Huntsville.

Muncey attempted to influence the case, he did it, I hope he is convicted.

No crimes in Hoover PE teacher “dragging” a student

Charges were dismissed today against a Hoover High School physical education teacher arrested in March after allegations surfaced that she manhandled a student.

Lori Michelle McCombs, 46, was arrested March 3 and charged with harassment after a month-long criminal investigation. Hoover police on Jan. 29 were notified of an altercation that happened inside a girls’ locker room at Hoover High School.

The incident, said Hoover police Capt. Gregg Rector, happened two days earlier between McCombs and a 14-year-old female student. Both the victim and the witness told police McCombs was upset that the student wasn’t getting “dressed out” for PE class fast enough. McCombs grabbed the student by the wrist and pulled her from the locker room into a hallway. The incident was captured on video.

The altercation left noticeable red marks on the girl’s arm, Rector said. The student told a parent that afternoon and school officials were notified the following day.

I don’t think my Mom would have called the cops here, she probably would have ground me.

Newtown, CT teacher arrested

A middle school science teacher in Newtown, Connecticut, was arrested this morning after another teacher spotted him carrying a handgun on school property and reported him to the school resource officer.

The teacher had a concealed carry permit, but state law makes it illegal to carry a gun on school campuses.

This law is SUPER effective in stopping school shootings, right?

Oops… Probably shouldn’t have ripped on New York…


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