The Alabama Legislature “over-charged” the Governor and that benefits him…

Rep. Ed Henry’s Articles of Impeachment are based on four issues…

  1. Willful Neglect of Duty
  2. Corruption in Office
  3. Incompetency
  4. Offenses of Moral Turpitude

You can probably make a legitimate case for all of these but the first 3 of them are going to require just that…. the making of a case.

That is a waste of time and just what some legislators want

The idea, I think, was to get Bentley to see these charges and say, “Screw it, I am done” and go away.

He did not.

And now we are going to have committees, hearings and investigations. This is a waste of time and resources, it is also completely unnecessary.

You only need one count. And only one of the Articles specifically mentions the lack of legal proceedings being necessary…


Offenses of Moral Turpitude.

The Alabama Supreme Court has defined “moral turpitude” to mean something immoral in itself, regardless of the fact that it is punished by law, including an act that is not merely prohibited, but is inherently immoral. By his own admission, Governor Bentley has engaged in an extramarital relationship with a married political advisor and has used his office in furtherance and concealment of this relationship. Governor Bentley‘s conduct is inherently immoral and renders him unfit to serve in the highest office in this state.

Dump the rest and just move forward.

Finish this.

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