THIS IS REAL: UAH students demand Sen. Sessions be removed as a commencement speaker…


Whereas, in addition to all of the details above, Senator Sessions has publicly endorsed Donald J. Trump for the Presidency of the United States of America. It is known that Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump has said many inflammatory remarks towards women, the disabled, and immigrants. All of which are populations not to be forgotten at this University. Whereas, Donald J. Trump has proposed a large amount of cuts and downsizing of the Department of Education that will likely interfere with the federal funds necessary to run our beautiful institution and provide students the opportunity of a higher education. This in turn will cause a rise in the cost of attendance of an establishment of higher education which runs counter to the wishes of the student body at this university.

This guy is a United State Senator, and a damn good one, and you little children have no idea how ridiculous you sound.

While we as students at this University understand that listening to all voices can allow for better communication of ideas and an equal understanding of all views, this Commencement Ceremony is not the time or place for such. This speech is something to inspire and send off students to the larger world. You want to leave them motivated and driven and we believe that this choices only enrages the student body and in no way represents the whole of this University.

Grow up, stupid kids.

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