Here is how ridiculous your general election becomes with Trump as the nominee…

This is a real thing…

Children sometimes mimic the very worst habits of adults.

The internet is now abuzz with stories of kids imitating some of the anger they’re seeing in the presidential campaign.

Thousands of people are talking about the Facebook post of a Fairfax County mom who says classmates told her third grader that when Donald Trump is president, he will be deported.

WUSA9 has been unable so far to get a hold of the mom, Evelyn Momplaisir, and she has removed the post from her Facebook page. But Fairfax County Schools did confirm her story.

“I just got a call from my son’s teacher,” she wrote on Facebook. “…that two of his classmates… point(ed) out the “immigrants” in the class who would be sent home when Trump becomes President… They singled him out… because of the color of his skin… In third grade…. in Fairfax County… in 2016.”

Petula Dvorak wrote about it in her column in the Washington Post. “Kids have always been awful to each other, we all know that growing up. But in this case, kids use very specific language that came from the presidential campaign.”

Incredibly stupid, but real…

The only possible way to explain this away is to say, “They will do this to any nominee!” Sure but Trump will make it super easy…

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