Alabama Mornings’ ShowPrep for March 8th, 2016…

Richard Shelby won’t be joining Jeff Sessions in endorsing Donald Trump

A week after fellow Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions threw his support behind Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, the state’s senior Senator indicated he won’t endorse any of the GOP candidates during the presidential primary.

Church pays off payday loans

The Worship Center Christian Church in Birmingham announced during services on Sunday morning that it will pay off the payday loans of 48 people struggling with debt.

Those whose loans are being paid off owe a combined total of more than $41,000 and are paying high interest rates of 36 percent and much higher. Payday loans are unsecured cash advances that people use to make it through to the next payday. Payday loan centers proliferate throughout Alabama.

“It’s kind of a ticking time bomb with high interest rates,” Senior Pastor Van Moody said in an interview after the service. “That’s why many people never get out.”

Those having their loans paid off will be required to undergo financial counseling and attend financial workshops so they don’t get in the same fix again, Moody said.

“We’re doing workshops, helping with budgeting,” said Vanessa Davis, chief financial officer of the Worship Center. “Everything they need to get a fresh start.”

The church took up a special offering on Sunday, in addition to regular tithing, to help pay off the payday loans. The money will be paid directly to those it is owed, not to the debtors themselves, Moody said.

Teacher pay raises? Yay!

The Alabama House of Representatives is expected to consider an education budget on Tuesday that would raise spending on public schools by about 5 percent, along with a bill to give education employees a pay raise.

The proposed budget would spend $6.3 billion from the Education Trust Fund in fiscal year 2017, up from $6 billion this year.

About half of the new spending would be for an employee pay raise.

Employees in K-12 schools earning less than $75,000 a year would receive 4 percent cost of living raises, while those earning more than $75,000 would receive 2 percent raises.

Employees in community colleges and technical colleges would get a 4 percent raise.

The total annual cost of the raises would be $150 million.

Less tenure? Boo!

New teachers would have to work two years longer to earn tenure under a bill set for a public hearing Tuesday at the Alabama State House.

The bill by Sen. Del Marsh, R-Anniston, called the Preparing and Rewarding Education Professionals Act, has drawn opposition from the Alabama Education Association.

The PREP Act would require teachers hired next year and thereafter to work five years to earn tenure, up from the current requirement of three years.

All teachers, principals and assistant principals would be subject to new annual evaluations to rate them at one of five levels — significantly exceeds expectations, exceeds expectations, satisfies expectations, below expectations and significantly below expectations.

Tenured teachers rated below or significantly below expectations two consecutive years could lose tenure.

At least 25 percent of a teacher’s rating would be determined from student achievement on standardized tests under a growth model to be developed by the Department of Education.

Marsh said the bill would add accountability that he said is needed in public education, particularly in light of the state’s most recent scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Oh… here is why Hillary avoided Fox News…

Bloomberg knows if he gets in he elects Trump…


Bernie Sanders wants to let A LOT criminals out of jail…

Also, he is TOTALLY sexist…

And SUPER racist….

But he does actually have some issues with Israel…

Donald Trump is going after Rubio

Rubio has a terrible response…

Trump isn’t actually putting this ad on the air, but you will see it anyway…

Trump’s fans have some issues with the KKK….


Rubio is not having a good couple of days and CNN isn’t helping…


Glenn Beck compared Trump to Hitler and now Sally COhn has taken it a step further

But what about the children!

The kids aren’t alright…

More on Trump’s tiny hands…

$55 million dollars for Erin Andrews…

Terrible woman is terrible…







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