Super Tuesday: Everyone wins (especially Trump)/everyone loses…

Oh man…

Trump killed it

Trump scored seven victories Tuesday in Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, and in Vermont, where NBC News declared him the apparent winner.

Cruz over-delivered…

Sen. Ted Cruz picked up much-needed wins in his home state of Texas and in Oklahoma, and was the projected winner in the Alaska caucuses.

Rubio got his first win…

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio picked up the first victory of his presidential campaign by winning the Minnesota caucuses

These guys all stay, Kasich isn’t going anywhere and Carson probably will stay, as well.

These mixed results do nothing to clear anything up at all.

What we are heading to is one of three things…

  1. Trump wins, hard-line/long-time conservatives continue to say they will NEVER vote for/endorse Trump. Hillary wins.
  2. Fight goes on, brokered/broken/contested convention takes place. Nomination is wrestled from Trump and his supporters get pissed and stay home. Hillary wins.
  3. Trump is stopped early.

Only #3 leads to a GOP victory and it’s the least likely.


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