GOP Congress Need to Think More About Clinton and Less About Trump

If I were a Republican congress critter I would be rethinking any presidential nominee preference or campaign strategy based on Hillary Clinton being the Democrat nominee. She and perhaps a score or more of her former minions and other colleagues in the Obama administration, to include the president and current Secretary of State Kerry, are perpetrators of a huge crime – improper handling and release of very sensitive, classified national security information.

If Attorney General Lynch does not indict Clinton and her co-conspirators before summer begins, the GOP House should immediately impeach Lynch and Kerry and the GOP Senate should then immediately began their trials.

Absent the indictment of Clinton and her partners in crime or the impeachment and trial of Lynch and Kerry, none of our GOP Congress critters can be taken seriously or trusted on national defense, and are accordingly not worthy of our votes in November.

Their choice now, our choice in November.

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