Breitbart quotes “Veteran political watcher Dale Jackson” on Trump…

Trump’s rally was YUUUUGE

Before an estimated crowd of over 30,000 on Sunday, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump wooed Alabama GOP primary voters.

Trump filled the Madison High School Stadium at an event that was highlighted by an endorsement from Sen. Jeff Sessions, a hometown favorite in the very heavily Republican state.

I had a take…

The event was certainly unprecedented for the area.  Veteran political watcher Dale Jackson, host of a local talk show WVNN in Huntsville, said Trump’s popularity was a reflection the public’s sentiment.

“Truthfully, I have never seen anything like this,” Jackson told Breitbart. “People are very upset with politics on every level. Trump is the embodiment of that. They don’t care what he says, they are just mad. Tariffs? Screw China/Mexico. Controlling companies? Rich people are screwing us. Limits in the press? We hate them. Anger, without reason.”

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