The media continues to pretend Barack Obama is the smartest man in politics… He is not.


This is garbage.

The White House is considering picking the Republican governor from Nevada to fill the current vacancy on the Supreme Court, scrambling political calculations in what is expected to be a contentious confirmation battle in which Senate Republicans have pledged to play the role of roadblock.

President Obama is weighing the selection of Brian Sandoval, a centrist former federal judge who has served as governor since 2011, according to two people familiar with the process. Though the review process is in its initial phases and it is unclear whether the governor could ultimately emerge as the president’s pick, even the prospect of his nomination poses a difficult dilemma for Senate Republicans who have promised not to consider any nomination before November’s elections.

After The Washington Post published news of Sandoval’s consideration Wednesday, GOP leaders insisted that Obama nominating a Republican would make no difference.

This goes nowhere, we all know that. The media knows this.

BUT the media loves this, look what Obama is doing. So smart. What a troll!

Some Democrats believe that nominating Sandoval could fracture the front of Republican opposition and force [Mitch] McConnell to take up the nomination in this contentious election year. It would also put on the spot a handful of Senate Republicans who are up for reelection in blue states in November.

But nominating Sandoval would carry risks for Obama. Sandoval is aligned with Democrats on some key issues, including abortion rights and the environment. As governor, he has moved to implement the Affordable Care Act, and has said he considers same-sex marriage to be a settled issue.

But Sandoval is not seen as labor-friendly — potentially alienating a swath of the Democratic base. His legal credentials are also lacking compared to some of the other names  under consideration who are mainly sitting federal judges.

Whatever Sandoval’s virtues, this seems to carry a heavy element of trolling. Senate Republicans have now confirmed that they won’t give any consideration to Obama’s nominee, whoever it is. This float seems designed, at least in part, to underscore the absurdity of this position, as in:Republicans won’t even consider a Republican nominee for the court if Obama is the one who nominated him.

You have to ignore all common sense to write this stuff.


Sandoval said in a statement that he had never been contacted or spoke to the Obama administration about being a Supreme Court nominee. Of course, WaPo said that he had been contacted by Harry Reid about the post, making it something of a non-denial denial.

IF he is so smart let’s see him actually offer up that Republican Governor and see what the Senate does. Better yet, let’s have the MASTER TROLL OF THE UNIVERSE nominate Ted Cruz.

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