AL State Rep. Phil Williams offers a great response to the Pope’s call for a death penalty moratorium…

This probably won’t make the news…

I had a somewhat awkward call from the one of local news outlets today who asked me the question “As a government official how do I feel about the Pope’s call to government officials in the world for no capital punishment to be carried out in this, the Holy year”?

I stated that I wished that the Pope would instead use his enormous influence to call on all peoples of the earth to obey the laws in their respective countries and in this Holy year commit NO crimes that would lead to serious punishment. No Murders, No Theft, and on and on. A year with no new crimes committed would surely be better than a year where a few capital punishment cases were stayed.

Perhaps the Pope’s voice could cause someone to pause and rethink what could be a terrible act they planning or harboring in their heart.

Mercy must be balanced by Justice.

Its an honor to serve the good folks of Alabama but frankly I do not feel qualified to comment on the Pope’s political speeches.

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