Today’s guest from FAIR’s “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” radio row from Washington D.C…

Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2014We are broadcasting live this morning from he Phoenix Park Hotel in the nation’s capitol, here are our guests…

6:05 AM – Congressman Mo Brooks (R- Alabama 5th) United States House of Representatives

He may now be a Congressman but Rep. Brooks used to be a fill-in radio host – making him a guest who knows what you need to grab listeners. He’s now in his 2nd term, after many years serving in the Alabama House and as a Special Assistant Attorney General for Alabama.

Brooks has witnessed firsthand the effects of illegal immigration on Alabamians which drove the state to enact of the more comprehensive immigration enforcement laws in the nation. Last year, he introduced HR 2670, Reclaiming America’s Dignity Act, to protect states that enact immigration laws from lawsuits from the federal government. Rep. Brooks believes the federal government has been derelict in its border protection and immigration duties with both short-and long-term adverse effects. In the House, he focuses his efforts on upholding the rule of law and protecting Americans from the high costs of illegal immigration.

6:35 AM – Leah Durant – Executive Director, Progressives for Immigration Reform

Leah Durant is the Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform, (PFIR). PFIR brings the reduced immigration message to progressives and Democrats by appealing to their professed interest in fair pay and conservation. Her Durant’s experience spans several years of involvement with population and sustainable living initiatives and examining the global impacts of U.S. population growth.

During the recent battle over the Senate amnesty bill, Durant organized a group of African American leaders from across the country. Together with pastors, radio hosts, and academics, Leah formed the Black American Leadership Alliance and organized a powerful “March for Jobs” in Washington, DC, in protest of an amnesty bill that would be especially detrimental for black workers.

7:05 AM – Steve Deace – Talk Host – Author of Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again

Steve Deace’s book – an antithesis of Rules for Radicals – lays out brilliantly Ten Commandments of how to refocus a wayward Republican party and move forward with conservative values and strategies that win elections and save the nation.
Steve represents a new generation of conservatives more concerned with preserving liberty than blind partisanship that only props up a corrupt ruling class. In addition to hosting his nationally syndicated show nightly, Steve is a prolific writer who contributes to the Washington Times, USA Today, Town Hall and others. His book is endorsed by Mark Levin, Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump.

7:35 AM – Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama)

Senator Sessions has long been one of the strongest voices pushing for immigration enforcement in the U.S. Senate – and this year he is stepping up his role as THE leader against amnesty on the Hill.

Last year, Senator Sessions’ home state of Alabama was at the center of the immigration enforcement movement, passing and ultimately implementing a groundbreaking law to protect its citizens from the burden of illegal immigration. Now, Senator Sessions is standing up to Democrats and Republicans in the Senate who have rolled over on the demands of big business and big labor to undermine the rule of law and the American worker.

Before serving nearly two decades in the Senate, Sen. Sessions was a U.S. Attorney and then the Attorney General of Alabama. He knows the law and he recognizes that this administration is trying to circumvent Congress – and, he’s not going to keep quiet about it.

8:05 AM – Michael Harrison Publisher of Talkers Magazine

Michael is talk radio’s most visible and vocal advocate. The role of talk radio in the immigration debate, and its influence in general on the political landscape is always a much discussed subject at Hold Their Feet to the Fire. Michael has no public position on immigration per se, but he can and does speak to the attacks against talk radio, censorship and the so-called Fairness Doctrine. When it comes to politics he describes himself as a non-partisan defender of the First Amendment.

The New York Times described Michael Harrison as “the unofficial dean of the radio industry” and TALKERS magazine as “the industry’s leading trade publication.” USA Today called him, “The talk radio guru.” The Nation dubbed him, “The wise old owl of the talk radio business.”

8:35 AM – Dan Stein – President, Federation for American Immigration Reform

After 30 years fighting for rational immigration reform, there isn’t anything Dan hasn’t seen before. That doesn’t mean Dan’s resting on his laurels. His outrage over the repeated failures of legislators and presidents to secure our borders and ensure an immigration system that helps Americans first is palpable – and this year he’s ready to do battle on the Hill and the airwaves once again.

Dan is America’s leading immigration reform expert and most visible immigration media figure appearing regularly on CNN, FOX, CBS, and most other major networks. Dan offers current and historical perspectives on culture, numbers, costs, crime, and quality of life and is the leading expert on how special interests heavily influence public policy against American interests.
Dan Stein pioneered the immigration reform movement and has been the most visible, vocal and effective force protecting American interests and fighting special interests. He is a true patriot and always a sensational interview!

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