What happens to the cash Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison raises at his senior center?

In light of current issues in Madison County, many people are e-mailing me and telling me “Commissioner X does this too”…

My response is, and will remain, “SHOW ME”.

The response to that was this ALLEGATION from a listener…

Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison is pocketing money from parties at his Madison County-ran senior center, which of course is named the “Robert “Bob” Harrison Senior Wellness and Advocacy Center .”

Apparently, they are selling liquor there as well and giving away beer and violating the hell out of NFL copyrights…



Is this money being tracked?


How much money is being raised here?

Should the county be selling liquor?

Should it be a cash bar?

In light of the action regarding Former Commissioner Jerry Craig’s office, should this practice be stopped?

I sent an e-mail to Commissoner Harrison, all the other Madison County Commissioners and Madison County attorney Jeff Rich, the only response I have received is Commissioner Harrison and he writes the following:

From: Bob Harrison
Date:03/26/2014 11:20 AM (GMT-06:00)
To: Jason Marks, dist1@madisoncountyal.gov, dist2@madisoncountyal.gov, dist3@madisoncountyal.gov, dist4@madisoncountyal.gov, riddickp@knology.net,strongalabama@att.net, jrich@madisoncountyal.gov
Subject: RE: Questions about cash county business

Please direct all questions regarding the issues/questions raised in the below email to Madison County Attorney Jeff Rich.  Mr. Rich can be reached at 256.519.2060.

Thank you
Commissioner Bob Harrison

What exactly do we need an attorney for here?

It’s a series of simple questions about the actions of Commissioner Harrison, asked directly to Harrison and he won’t answer.


As always, I am open to further discussions on this involving other Commissioners because there is, or was, a cash management issue that needs to be addressed further.


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