State Representative Alvin Holmes (D) doesn’t want to know “Where the white women at?”

To be a Democrat in Alabama….

Well, that’s better.

If a white Republican guy said even something remotely like this it would be front page on every paper in Alabama and lead every show on MSNBC.

C+ J-school Grads remain silent, I can’t find one major mainstrem article about this anywhere… Someone prove me wrong.

3 Responses

  1. They call our free thinking people of color uncle toms and ventriloquist dummy’s but they have to get their blacks to call our blacks those names because otherwise it would be racist. So who is the ventriloquist dummy the one speaking up for his ideals or the one parroting what MSNBC tells him to say?


  2. Excuse me, while I whip this out…


  3. Rep. Alvin Holmes is a racist pig!!


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