Governor Doctor Bentley is not feeling you on medicinal marijuana BUT….

Let’s not act surprised by this

After speaking Wednesday to a joint meeting of the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs in Birmingham, the governor said that he is against legalizing marijuana either for recreational or medicinal purposes.

The recreation pot is a no-brainer in Alabama.

The medicinal pot part is a little more complicated, we all know that this is really just a backdoor to legalization. Sure, there are some medicinal purposes for marijuana BUT those who want it can get it and the “recreational pot user are getting locked up stuff is a myth, the drug acts as a sentence enhancer or a probation violation.

Personally, I don’t care… Legalize it or don’t, medical or not.  You wouldn’t see me voted for it as a State Senator or State Representative.

Bentley did leave an interesting door open here for some…

“I do believe there are medications out there that will do the same thing,” Bentley said. “Now if someone wants to use the medicine that is in marijuana, go through the testing when you do that through the FDA, go through all of that — that’s fine. I have no problem with that.”

Does that mean, Rep. Mike Ball’s cannabidiol bill will get a green light?

A marijuana-derived substance believed to help control seizures in children would become legal in Alabama under a bill expected to be introduced this afternoon.

Sponsored by state Rep. Mike Ball, R-Madison, the bill would allow parents of children with certain neurological and epileptic disorders to possess CBD, or cannabidiol – an oil that comes from marijuana but does not produce any intoxicating effects.

“You can’t get high on it, and it has no street value,” Ball, a former state trooper, told Friday. “Once the public understands what this is – and we’re making progress on that – I think we’ll be in pretty good shape.”

I am skeptical that it will even get to Bentley, I spoke to a State Representative yesterday who represents a dry county and he said he couldn’t see himself voting YES on that because his constituents are against it.


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